The increase in the cost of living affects (also) the forecasts for home furnishings in 2023. While TikTok is a source of inspiration for 1 in 4 Italians, analogue pastimes are making a comeback: FOMO (fear of missing out) is replaced by JOMO (joy of missing out)

In 2022, inflation and the high cost of living also affected the choices of Italians regarding home furnishings. To counter the growing increase in prices, they have therefore adopted some economic and responsible solutions in the name of regeneration and savings.

In fact, they preferred to repair broken furniture (+238%) rather than buy new ones, give a new look to the tiles thanks to paint and stickers (+300%) instead of changing them, and insulating the walls (+44 %) to retain heat and coolness, limiting costs for heating and air conditioning.

This is the photograph taken by Global Trend Report by Taskrabbit, the global network that connects those in need of help for various jobs inside and outside the home (from furniture assembly to repairs, from deliveries to removals) with taskers, sometimes specialized, other handymen, competent and reliable, who have identified the trends to furnish your home in 2023.

But that's not all, thanks to another'search of Catawiki with Ipsos, we will also analyze the five consumption trends forecast for 2023. And who will lead them.

Instagrammable houses

The research shows that for Italians the home must be organised, a priority for as many as 97% of those interviewed, welcoming (96%) and designed in an optimal way (92%). About half of Italians (44%) aspire to have an "instagrammable" home, so much so that it is social media that most influence choices in the field of interior design, with 47 % of respondents who take inspiration from Instagram, 27% from TikTok and 26% from Facebook.

TikTok and (also) cultural trends

Just TikTok has dictated some trends that Italians have followed in the last 12 months to furnish their homes, with 42% who let themselves be inspired by social media to organize their refrigerator and 34% who has recreated a pantry in the kitchen like those in viral videos.

Despite having a target of very young people, TikTok has also been able to generate new trends in the cultural field: thanks to the BookTok phenomenon, Italians seem to have rediscovered the passion for reading and 38% has assembled shelves to display their books, while 21% of the interviewees have recreated works of art DIY inspired by the “art attacks” shown in the videos.

Trends 2023

In addition to monitoring and analyzing the current situation, the report also makes forecasts on furnishing trends for 2023.

Bye-bye minimalism: disorder is orderly

Among the first trends detected, the cluttercore, the anti-minimal movement with 74 million views on TikTok, which mixes fabrics and kitsch furniture, also arrives in the homes of Italians, with 18% of those interviewed intending to give vent to creativity and recreate an "ordered disorder".

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Reuse and fix

The imperative for next year is not to burden the wallet too much: upcycling will continue to spread in Italian homes. 43% of those interviewed said they wanted to give a new life to their furniture, to avoid buying new ones.

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Beware of waste (and costs)

Reducing expenses with a more energy-efficient home is a priority for many Italians, so much so that 46% intend to insulate the windows and 32% want to improve the plumbing system to waste less water.

More and more green

Harmony with nature also passes through the walls of the house thanks to biophilic design, with as many as 30% of Italians wanting to recreate a "living" wall.

Relaxation, for body and mind

As the momijigari teaches, colors ranging from terracotta to sunset yellow make a home increasingly welcoming. This combination of relaxation and spirituality affects 32% of Italians, who intend to paint their walls in warm colours, also confirmed by bookings on Taskrabbit, which for these colors have seen an increase of 400% on an annual basis.

The increase in the cost of living and the consequent choices

“Over the last year, taskers have worked hard to help our customers with all household tasks,” he explains Begüm Zarmann, Managing Director of Taskrabbit Europe. “Having 3.9 million global bookings to analyze gives us a really interesting perspective on the activities people book the most and the trends they follow.

Recently, the rising cost of living has had a major impact, not only on furniture choices, but also on decisions that Italians find themselves taking every day. It is no coincidence that 67% of those interviewed have already started or intend to start a secondary job to supplement their income. We are pleased that Taskrabbit represents an option for anyone who needs a hand to furnish their home and for those who want to earn extra money right now”.


And consumption?

These are 5 trends of consumption in 2023. Purchasing will be led by the Mmillennials who, strengthened by a higher disposable income, will establish themselves as dominant consumers.

The 2000s are back: from fashion, to cars, from memorabilia of the digital age to analog pastimes: FOMO ((joy of missing out) is replaced by JOMO (joy of missing out).

Then the conventions in furniture fall and the style in clothing will be increasingly fluid. As far as alternative investments are concerned, it is time to focus on little-known grappas, cognacs, beers and wines, while art will be increasingly digital: from NFTs to artificial intelligence.

Millennials will drive consumption

Nostalgia, inclusiveness, economic uncertainty and a return to the analogue are the keywords for consumption in 2023 which will therefore be guided by members of Generation Y, those born between 1981 and the 1996.

This picture was drawn by Catawiki, the reference platform in Europe for auctions of special objects, and Ipsos, an institute specialized in market research, which joined forces to predict the consumption trends that will define the coming year.

Forgetting the rules and conventions

2023 will be the year to express an individual style: from maximalistic design, with eclectic and bright colors, patterns and contrasting styles, to flamboyant clothing, genderless and embellished with precious stones, where prints and brands come together 'one in'other, up to 'technological art, created thanks to new generative artificial intelligence platforms.


If people's relationship with their home has already changed forever during the pandemic, due to the uncertain economic situation, it is expected that in 2023 people will stay more at home.

They will therefore look for rounded furniture (many psychological researches show that the human brain is predisposed to associate roundness with happiness and relaxation), minerals, stones and tarot cards, following the greater interest in spirituality and for objects that reflect it and analogue pastimes, such as board games and model trains.

In fact, people are looking for simpler, manual, authentic activities, to counteract the (too much) time they spend in front of a screen.

Back to the early 2000s

The Millennials will therefore dictate a return to the early 2000s: flashy cars, fashion of the time and memorabilia of the'digital era such as compact digital cameras, cell phones and quality wired headphones, to go back to a carefree past (which do you want to remember?).