A home for healthy living

Open space, soft lines and natural colors make this house at Ala in Trentino an example of residential comfort. Enhanced by Lixio Venetian flooring from Ideal Work in all the spaces.

The entire house has been designed for healthy living: a new trend that has an impact on all aspects of everyday existence. The interiors stand out for their size, with enveloping seating and sofas, in a warm, intimate atmosphere. An ample open space contains the kitchen and the living area, where the natural wood of the kitchen conveys a sensation of wellness and nature, from the first glance, blending with the soft forms of the chairs and sofas.

The large windows offer full immersion in the landscape, while flooding the space with light, brightened by the sheen of the floors. Wood, fabrics with soft textures and glow are the key features. The spare decorations have been honed down to the smallest details in every space, also in the bathrooms with their contemporary Zen image.

The atmosphere is completed with Lixio by Ideal Work: the Venetian flooring unites all the rooms of the house, bringing a sense of continuity while visually expanding the spaces. Originally used in Venice during the time of the Doges, this type of flooring then became a popular solution, and is now going through a new heyday thanks to its particular visual effects.