Christmas is an opportunity to go back to the shops and choose beautiful and well-designed things to keep at home. Here is our selection, for those with a budget within 150 euros

Our 2021 Christmas gift guide begins with two words to keep in mind: irony and lightness. Stress, concern, performance anxiety banished. After another not so easy year we all deserve a little serenity, less apprehension and more freedom in enjoying the most magical anniversary of the year. And to do it, in fact, with a smile.

Between funny thoughts and refined gifts, here is our light and ironic selection of 15 gift ideas with a low budget but always rigorously well designed, for those who live by design 24 hours a day.

1. The coffee table book “Woman Made. Great Women Designers”

An illustrated collection of products designed by women designers. Jane Hall highlights the stories of the 200 designers more or less known, but influential for their work, coming from more than 50 countries in the world. You talk about the contribution they have made to the sector. It costs: € 49.95

Photo credit: Woman Made: Great Woman Designers. Jane Hall. Phaidon

2. Twist candles by the designer Lex Pott

One of the most popular objects for anniversaries - the candle - meets the inspiration of one of the most 'instagrammed' designers of recent years: the Twist candles by Dutchman Lex Pott surprise and make themselves known. They are natural and also perfect as a centerpiece.

They cost: € 30.00 each.

3. Aquatic Creatures by Riccardo Capuzzo sticker

They personalize the surfaces with the beautiful and refined sea creatures designed by Riccardo Capuzzo. Aquatic Creatures Artwork decals are hand drawn and printed on vinyl, they can be applied to all surfaces. Each Aquatic Creatures project continues its commitment to transmitting an important ethical message of conservation and protection of the oceans, strengthening the collaboration with the non-profit organization WDC - Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

They cost: € 98.00 (pack of 10)

4. The spinning tops by Ludovica Mascheroni

Wonderfully sophisticated in their simplicity: the spinning tops in walnut or oak by Ludovica Mascheroni, an Italian company specializing in luxury interior design, wink at the playful and slightly retro world. Made by the skilled hands of the company's artisans, they furnish lounges and living rooms.

They cost: € 78.00 each.

5. The Fornasetti panettone in limited edition

A (true) tribute to the city of Milan: between design, decoration and artisan tradition. The panettone is packaged in a box that refers to the architectural details of the city. The recipe for the Fornasetti panettone is created exclusively by the Davide Longoni bakery. It is a limited edition.

Cost: € 100.00

6. Scala Collection by Extra&ordinary Design

Dedicated to Italy and its classical architectural heritage, created by Extra & Ordinary Studio of London. The design is inspired by the Scala dei Turchi - Sicily, with its symbolic white cliffs. It can be displayed or used as a stem vase.

Costs: around € 53.00

7. Lifty, the monitor support by PlayWood

A space to keep business and personal items organized. The compartments and grooves also find a (safe) place for the cup of coffee. Equipped with slots for your phone, tablet, cables. It supports a weight of 40 kg. It is available in birch plywood or oak painted.

Costs: from € 69.90

8. W&S Chubby Vase by Hay

With its organic shapes, it is part of a collection by the designer duo Wang & Söderström, and is reminiscent of a work of art in a mini format. All pieces are digitally created, 3D printed and finally modeled in porcelain or stoneware. They mix the shapes of nature with the strangeness of digital.

Cost: € 80.00

9. Izmee for Missoni

The water steel bottle of the historic fashion brand, signed Izmee, is sustainable, colorful and Made in Italy (of course). The capsule collection of ecological bottles is made of steel and the iconic zig zag pattern of the Italian maison explodes in a palette of intense colors. It is sustainable and encourages a more responsible lifestyle.

Cost: € 90.00

10. The palosanto Wood’d saucer

It is made of ceramic (glazed) and by hand. Designed for the Palosanto mi (s) tico: the “W” pattern is designed to better support the sticks during the burning phase.

It costs: € 34.90

11. 'Stilla' clock by AYTM

Designed and produced by the AYTM brand, it is the table alarm clock, in marble. It is a unique piece. The durability of marble meets the essence of time. Nothing to do with the classics ... and sometimes annoying.

Costs: € 141.00

12. The letter paper by La fiorellaia

Reminiscent of wallpaper, but you can write on it. It is a bit out of fashion and for this reason it is crazy about it. Designed by a professional expert and - first of all - passionate about flowers, who, working on them every day, defines them without doubts: art. Complete paper box and envelope with a retro taste, handmade in Italy

Costs: € 75.00

13. Lisa Corti and its table

To play with textures and shapes, colors and styles. Lisa Corti is a certainty for the quality of the product and the "wow" effect it creates if chosen as a gift. The rigid cork and masonite placemats, coordinated or mixed with the coasters of the same line, are festive and chic.

They cost: the placemats € 35.00 each, the coasters € 15.00 each.

14. Japanese graphic design in a book

For enthusiasts, but also for those who appreciate beauty, in all its forms: 'Art of the Japanese Manifesto' by Gian Carlo Calza (Skira) is the most complete volume, so far ever produced, on Japanese graphic design. It collects seventy years of the history of the Japanese poster, to all intents and purposes an art form.

Available from December 9, 2021. Costs: € 55.00

15. Poldina sospesa

An icon in its suspension version. La Poldina di Zafferano Italia is rechargeable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The "suspended" (Poldina Sospensione) is the interpretation of the most classic table lamp, ideal for lighting from above.

Cost: € 145.00 (white)