For a fairytale Christmas we recommend – always – the light and calm, imaginative and narrative touch of Alessandra Baldereschi

Woods populated by curious animals, flowers, berries and little fruits that take shape as graceful decorations, but also weaves worked with grandmother's irons and tavern flasks.

The world released by the light, poetic (and magical) pencil of Alessandra Baldereschi has the dreamlike impalpability of memories, recalls ancient times, wise thoughts and traditional processes: epochs and memories imbued with warmth and bliss. A fairytale imaginary, yet concrete, with soft edges.

The Milanese designer, delicate and delightful like her projects, draws from nature and the manufacturing arts to return objects that are gestures, everyday and evanescent, apparently simple in reality symbolic. A posed and graceful aura that goes well with the Christmas atmosphere more authentic.

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Woodtales: every object is a story

Designed by Alessandra Baldareschi for Ichendorf Milano, the collection of table complements and accessories Woodtales in borosilicate glass , made by hand and modeled by lamp, is freely inspired by some tales of children's author. Each object is a short story , composing a collection of light but wise, poetic stories. The forest, the animals and the village are the ingredients of a fantastic story that brings to mind carefree times.

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The unpredictability of the stories and the extravagance of the characters

The story that comes from every object in the Woodtales collection, from jugs to glasses, from candlesticks to pendants, is never as we would have expected, and this makes it more compelling and fun what happens on the scene. The unpredictability of the stories and the extravagance of the characters seem to retrace the imaginative, sometimes surreal mechanisms that children draw on when they invent stories or when they simply immerse themselves in their games.

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A fantastic natural landscape

Candlesticks and tealights, saucers and pendants, jugs, tumblers and mugs. The protagonists of the collection are fawns, birds, squirrels, owls, white rabbits, bears, raccoons, foxes but also a wish tree and the colorful houses of a dream village. Each object contains different naturalistic and fantastic details that allow you to create a personal imaginary landscape to set up a simple and delicate but at the same time joyful table.

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Otto, the dachshund, seraphic and sly, enlightens us with his presence

Woodland animals but also pets, next to us inside and outside the home. Alessandra Baldereschi for Serralunga redesigns everyday life, the most faithful one, with her personal stylistic code. Otto is a stylized dachshund with an essential line and a seraphic, sly and ironic pose.

A quiet and wise companion animal. Otto has his eyes closed but he is not sleeping: he is waiting and he watching us, placidly, with indulgence. With a polyethylene structure, the cute dachshund is also available with a rechargeable LED system, to enlighten us even more with its presence.

Greenwood: fruits, berries and flowers take shape with delicacy

Inspired by a walk in the woods in different seasons, the Greenwood collection designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Ichendorf Milano returns the colors and the simple but precious gifts that nature bestows on us. Fruits of the forest, berries and the little flowers that are encountered during the stroll decorate the porcelain. They seem freshly picked and placed delicately on the plates to compose hinted and polite ornaments.

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From glass to porcelain, the common denominator is the polite gesture

Now the collection, which is known for its borosilicate elements ranging from tumblers, jugs, and components for tea and coffee (see here), has been expanded with mugs and plates in porcelain. There are 6 different subjects (cherry, blackberry, acorn, lily, strawberry, and blueberry) featuring hand-crafted and hand-painted three-dimensional elements. A decoration is applied to each dinner plate, fruit plate, bowl, and mug to create a complete table setting.

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All the elements of the Greenwood collection are stackable and dishwasher safe, and they are suitable both for home and professional use.