From the canyons of the Wild West to the icebergs of Greenland, from the most traditional to the most rarefied atmospheres to the most irreverent decorations, let's dive into a frenetic but varied Christmas world

There are many ways to experience Christmas, in the heat or in the cold, in a traditional or irreverent way. You can surround yourself with lights and garlands, more evanescent symbols or just snow, which with its candid and shimmering reflections gives a muffled quiet that does not need anything else, if not a warm blanket in which to wrap yourself as in a cocoon.

Here we have collected some trends, festive or just winter, poetic or playful, sober or eccentric. All in the name of an atmosphere that, like it or not, pervades everyone.

Because, as writes Dino Buzzati in Panettone was not enough, “On Christmas, floods of words have been said, hundreds of books written, thousands of short stories and poems. At first glance it seems that, to talk about it again, it takes a good dose of courage. But it's not true. It will never be talked about enough”.

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In the Wild West, an evanescent tree floats among the canyons

In a desert landscape made of canyons, mesas, ridges and gorges, among the majestic rocks streaked with red, floats The Tree of Life, art work evanescent and sustainable art by the Colombian design studio Verdi , handcrafted with copper and straw fibers. It is the symbol of Christmas, born from an idea of Hanane El Moutii, founder of Éclat Public Relations, chosen by Amangiri, a prestigious resort of the Aman which merges (literally) with the Wild West scenario of Southern Utah. On display until mid-January in the lounge area fully glazed, it dialogues with the Grand Staircase-Escalante national monument that stands out in the distance.

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An outdoor winter between icebergs and penguins

Young Spanish outdoor design brand - fresh (in this case literally) but also sunny, nonconformist and dynamic - Diabla stands out for its lively and impactful image, ironic and at the same time audacious. For winter 2022 the experimental brand of Gandia Blasco sets the new collections in extreme (and freezing) locations, thus demonstrating their resistance in outdoor environments in any season and climatic condition. This is the case of the Davis strait, between Greenland and Baffin Island, in Canada : a sea of ​​ice where, among icebergs, beautiful girls in costumes and even a penguin, emerges the Arp collection of chairs and tables designed by Made Studio.

Daily glare and glimpses

Outside the charm of the snow, inside the emotion of light. The winter atmospheres of the Vite project by Foscarini (read here) are intimate, daily, whispered. The images, created by Gianluca Vassallo - inside real environments, to meet real people - narrate moments, details, reflections of those who live there, while the gaze is left free to wander around in lived-in homes and personal spaces, therefore (perfectly) imperfect, restoring the authentic spirit of the holidays.

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The magic of Vitra (also) at Christmas

On the occasion of Christmas 2021, the first floor of the Vitra Haus of the Vitra Campus - special place, magical, all year round - is transformed into Winter Village, the setting on display until 9 January 2022 that intertwines fairytale atmospheres with cult pieces from the history of design meant to help in the difficult choice of Christmas gifts. All visitors can also participate in a fun contest on the Vitra Campus app to find a hidden elephant.

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The most traditional Christmas, including wrapping blankets and markets (online)

If the spirit of the holidays pervades the Mango Home collection consisting of accessories and textile complements for the house (blankets and pillows, linen per person, bedroom and bathroom, tablecloths and table decorations) proposed in a classic, warm and enveloping Christmas mood, ilaria.i ì, the refined brand of decorated ceramic objects by Ilaria Innocenti , launches until 6 January 2022 Solo Cose Belle Xmas e-shop , a Christmas market online until 6 January 2022 involving 6 brands 'friends' to team up and propose refined gifts, each with a different story. There are five gift boxes available for table, stationery, wellness and lifestyle enthusiasts.

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A cottage near Santa Claus Village

What Christmas holidays would it be without a cozy home with themed decorations? Even more so if we are near the neighboring Santa Claus Village. Like the traditional and fairytale Finnish cottage a Rovaniemi which reflects the desire cottagecore, revealed by a joint research of Airbnb and TikTok on ' interior design trends in 2022, to live a simple and rural lifestyle. Furthermore, during the Christmas period, videos with dining tables set with decorations such as dried and dehydrated fruit - considered sustainable by TikTokers - , but also traditional lights and garlands are depopulating on the social platform. Finally, to date, there are nearly 90,000 Airbnb ads that use words related to the main holidays and seasonal celebrations.

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Desecrating Scottish inspiration

Definitely not suitable for the Christmas mise en place which brings together the ' whole family, the four - desecrating - placemats Eat and Learn Christmas Edition, in sale from and on the 'e-shop of Moroni Gomma, bring to daily meals a touch of tradition with a classic Scottish motif seasoned with the good humor of Christmas proverbs and idioms.

Even TikTokers are increasingly sensitive to sustainability

Also according to Airbnb and TikTok research on design trends for 2022, videos using the #zerowaste hashtag totaled 1.6 billion views globally. In addition, more and more TikTokers share tips to reduce the production of household waste and to recycle or replace products that are difficult to biodegrade. Meanwhile, on Airbnb, homes that mention sustainable features, such as energy efficiency, energy saving and biomass, have increased by more than 15% compared to other types of housing. Such as the mini-house in the Hudson Valley, a Marlboro, New York, in the United States, perfect for a warm (solitary) Christmas that is young, dynamic, but also productive and sustainable.

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The art of recovery and irony

The creations signed by Elisa Carovilla are an artistic divertissement of the recovery and redevelopment of objects in disuse manipulated , reassembled and transformed to give them a playful soul, conquering an unexpected position in the scenography of contemporary living scenarios, even at Christmas time.

Objects abandoned in the attic, forgotten in the cellar, recovered in antiques markets or by friends become deliberately excessive works, with cheerful, irreverent, eccentric names. Elisa Carovilla creates unique pieces of furniture giving value to recycled materials and ancient objects, made current through risky contaminations, weaving a playful dialogue between craftsmanship, artistic expression and design, with the dual purpose of preserving the skilful production of the past by enriching it with the increasingly current value of sustainability.

Christmas? He is always amazed by it, wrote Buzzati

December, you know, it means parties and warmth but also the frantic rush for gifts, the spasmodic expectations of the eve, the countless rituals Christmas: all topics we always talk about - always - but it is inevitable, because “Christmas returns every twelve months, on the same day 25, with mathematical precision, it is therefore not a very rare thing. Everyone knows how it is done, everyone could describe in detail in advance what will happen in their respective homes. Yet he is always amazed by them” wrote Buzzati.