An abundant director's chair, a teak and aluminium collection, a slim and sinuous rocking chair: EMU for summer 2023

Twins is a design challenge set by Sebastian Herkner at EMU: a collection with a dual soul that required a lot of development work to find the right construction solutions. And the courage to present a collection in two different materials. There is a single-material Twins made entirely of 100% FSC teak, a typically outdoor essence, strong, resistant, with sophisticated nuances. And this is Twins with a more classic soul, designed in a natural material that does not yield to time and indeed becomes more interesting as the years go by.

Wood and aluminium

The second core of Twins is made of wood and aluminium, the material of choice for EMU, which in this case uses all its manufacturing expertise to solve the German designer's complex formal choices. Herkner's formal research focuses on the relationship between the two materials. The backrest is a technical virtuosity: a round aluminium frame perfectly contains the teak elements to eliminate their angularity in what appears to be an embrace between two materials. The basic idea is to soften the presence of a wood that is difficult to work with, hide its cuts and construct a sinuous, harmonious object, suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Twins has been developed in dining chairs with and without armrests, lounge chairs, sofas and tables. To be combined with a catalogue of fabrics and upholstery for the seats and backrests.

Comfortable and versatile complement

Terra is the new director's chair designed by LCM Marin design studio. Foldable, abundant in proportions, with footrest. An innovative type that lends itself to different interpretations, both indoors and outdoors. It is designed to be combined with all EMU collections as a comfortable, versatile complement to dining and living spaces. Robust, functional and welcoming, its design focuses on the choice of materials and attention to construction details. And, of course, on an idea of abundance that involves all the parts that make up the seat. From a transformable object, very simple, to be used for short periods of time, to a comfortable lounge chair, suitable for lazy hours of relaxation and chatting in the garden or in the living spaces of the home.

Lightness and linearity

Also added to the catalogue is Reel, by Pio and Tito Toso. A classic garden rocker reinterpreted with a decidedly simple geometry that contributes to an overall mood of lightness and linearity. A thin, easy-to-handle cushion easily matches the mechanism that transforms the rocker into a daybed. In general, for Pio and Tito Toso, the design focuses on the idea of barely noticeable curves, suggesting the image of a smile. The structural elements are scaled down in thickness and diameter to create an unexpectedly sinuous and subtle object. The sunshade is an equally light presence: the sun passes through the fabric creating a diffuse luminosity and the right amount of shade.