Francesco Secchiaroli gave life to Zanotta on tour on the great American arteries. To consolidate the link between the brand and dealers, partners and friends all over the United States

It all starts in New York City with Francesco Secchiaroli, Head of Zanotta Usa, his van and the new Zanotta collections. At the time when distance has become the norm, Zanotta decided to embark on a journey to shorten the distance with dealers, partners and friends around the United States: from one coast to the other of the Country, passing through the most iconic places. An on-the-road tour through North America: from New York to Miami, driving through Texas and New Mexico, California and the national parks of Arizona and Utah: a journey to meet people again.

We are in full lockdown, Zanotta wondered how to safeguard the relationships and ties built up over time. Francesco left in November, equipped with a cart towing his van full of products, ready to cross America with the aim of reaching all the partners and being able to really meet them again. Not for the purpose of selling, but with the desire to be close to people. The welcome was always warm, true and friendly, you could go beyond work and share in-depth moments: a dinner, a coffee, a "come and see my house".

Not just business, but building a bond. “People at the center” is Zanotta's philosophy, with the same attention with which it designs its products, it discovers the new needs of living. This was the meaning of Zanotta on tour.