EXI, Unopiù design, light, cheerful and colorful

EXI is a light, cheerful and colorful collection that draws inspiration from the traditional seats in wood and woven straw of the past. Seats handcrafted by skilled hands, which were used in the countryside or in village life, to converse outdoors, on the doorstep, with neighbors and passers-by. From this bucolic and ancient suggestion, EXI was born, revisited in form and material with the innovative look of Unopiù. The design challenge was to create a modern and versatile outdoor collection, composed of folding elements that were coherent and harmonious with each other. The collection is characterized by the extreme lightness of aluminum which gives it excellent practicality of use. The texture of the seats and tops, inspired by the interweaving of traditional straw chairs, gives the aluminum texture a modern and geometric pattern. The characteristic X shape given by the intersection of the side legs of the furniture gives the collection its name which also alludes to the word Exit. A name that wants to underline the outdoor vocation of Unopiù, which creates a wide range of complete proposals for the outdoors. All the elements of the collection are foldable and in recyclable aluminum: characteristics that make it handy, solid and durable.

At a glance

What is it?
A collection of outdoor furniture elements consisting of a chair, a table, a high table with stool and a bench, all foldable. Suitable for both residential and contract settings, the modularity of the backrests, the ease of use and the use of colors make it ideal for informal and convivial occasions.
What its design concept?
It is inspired by country chairs in wood and woven straw, but revisited by Unopiù's innovative look in the shape and material chosen: aluminum. The bench is equipped with removable backrests that can be inserted in different positions along the perimeter, allowing you to play with the seats.
How is it made and from what materials?
EXI is produced in Italy. The decoration of the tops and seats is obtained with laser cutting and recalls classic shapes in a new and more dynamic guise. The bending is carried out cold with the aid of bending machines equipped ad hoc for the various components of the furnishings.
What makes it special?
The innovation lies in the shape, in the way in which the various furnishings can be folded, in the lightness and extreme practicality, in the colors, different from most of the proposals on the market and recognizable. In addition to the more neutral base colors, white and graphite, it is possible to choose between mustard yellow, red, purple and blue. Lastly, the material: the use of a premium material such as aluminum usually not used for furniture of this type, which are foldable and designed for even small spaces.
In the designer’s own words
EXI takes shape from an idea of ​​fluidity, from a bench on which people can choose what kind of relationship they have with each other, how to sit, by changing the position of the backrests. All the other folding elements of the line were born from the bench. The suggestion of country chairs is summarized in a contemporary look, with bold colors, and the typical texture of woven straw but engraved on aluminum remains from the past.