Toscana and C'est La Vie collections furnish the outdoor spaces of a residence in Pognana Lario

Finding the right and balanced harmony between genius loci, designers, clients and suppliers is not taken for granted. Unopiù's Toscana and C'est La Vie collections, chosen to enhance the outdoor spaces of a villa in Pognana Lario, on Lake Como, aligned on the same frequency the lake scenery, the vision of the 13.1 Architecture&Decor studio, the needs of the client, and Unopiù's ability to create exclusive outdoor spaces with its outdoor furniture.

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Sensations, memories, cultural references

The project was designed by the 13.1 Architecture&Decor studio of Filippo Fiora and Federico Sigali, capable of bringing together sensations, memories and cultural references. The building is an example of cosiness and cocooning, designed to offer an enveloping, cool atmosphere, ideal to be enjoyed during the warm season: this is the reason for the choice of Unopiù furnishings for the outdoor areas.

The outdoor area as an extension of the home

The outdoor space, furnished by Unopiù, was conceived as a natural extension of the dwelling, creating a balanced continuum between inside and outside. In terms of design, one of the distinctive aspects of the villa is the use of earthenware for the interior walls juxtaposed with mural paintings of imaginary views of lake rushes and flowers in shades of cream, beige and ivory in the dining room and staircase. The furnishings, mostly custom-made, coexist with works of art and unique pieces.

Lemon house, dock and infinity pool

The villa is on two levels and has several outbuildings, including a lemon house and a dock, which complete the evocative atmosphere of the place together with the infinity pool enhanced by Unopiù outdoor furniture.

Comfort and style

The C'est La Vie collection, the result of a collaboration between Unopiù and designer Michele Bönan, was a choice inspired by the nautical sector: C'est La Vie was in tune with the villa's interior design choices, while recalling the atmosphere of the lake and Riva boats. Modular seating, sofas and sun loungers made it possible to create versatile configurations, offering comfort and style to the outdoor spaces and around the pool.

Icon of craftsmanship

A classic icon of craftsmanship in powder-coated galvanised iron, the Toscana collection is characterised by the attention to detail skilfully executed by Unopiù's expert craftsmen. Its structure with slender, geometric lines, which characterises all elements of the line, has added character and elegance to the outdoor dining area.

Photos Credits: Giulio Ghirardi | @giulioghirardistudio - Creative Agency The Edition | @theeditionagency