The re-edition of the historic Synthesis collection in a revamped, more iconic and contemporary look

Launched on the market in 2006, Synthesis, one of Unopiù's most iconic outdoor collections, returns in a revamped guise and dressed in brand new fabrics, confirming the sophisticated design and versatility that have decreed its success.

From its technologically innovative origins

Born about twenty years ago from the combination of the typical solidity of teak wood and the then almost unheard of hand-woven WaProlace synthetic fibre, Unopiù's Synthesis offered itself to the market with the evidence of an innovative outdoor furniture proposal, capable of combining sophisticated aesthetics with precise attention to environmental requirements.

... to the re-edition that amplifies pure lines

Today, the collection returns in a renewed guise, more iconic and contemporary than ever before; it does so through a reinterpretation that, obtained by using new fabrics, retains the essence of its design heart but amplifies its pure lines in the sign of comfort, so as to generate versatile outdoor spaces that can be configured in multiple solutions.

A metaphysical mood

Synthesis resumes an uninterrupted dialogue with nature by drawing on the new bouclé fabrics in white, blue, indigo and ginger, offering a range of furnishing solutions for open spaces with a refined and vaguely metaphysical mood, bringing to mind colours and suggestions of the rocky, lunar landscapes of Arizona.

A complete range

The collection offers a wide selection of furniture that includes two loungers, an alcove, a square table, an extending rectangular table, a square table with two different heights, a rectangular coffee table, a square table and a low stackable table with handles.

Contemporary and scenic

Even in its revamped guise, Synthesis reconfirms itself as a collection that can transform the most anonymous of environments into a contemporary space with an immediate scenic effect by virtue of the fine materials used and the meticulous workmanship.