Superoven is the professional oven for elite residential

SuperOven, a collection from Unox Casa dedicated to the most exclusive homes, consists of two models (Model 1 and Model 1S) and offers professional performance by allowing all types of cooking, even those that are not possible in traditional ovens: grilling, frying, steaming, vacuum, smoking, roasting and dehydrating. Thanks to sensors that monitor the percentage of moisture inside the cooking chamber, food can be cooked evenly and three times faster than in a normal oven.

Cooking on demand

SuperOven ovens are equipped with an intuitive digital panel that can activate more than 400 automatic cooking processes, for which all it takes is to set the desired result for the ovens to automatically choose the ideal program, adapting it to the amount of food being baked.

Automatic ventilation and washing

Model 1 takes advantage of the power and versatility of two stacked ovens; the more compact Model 1S has a single cooking chamber. Both have a built-in ventilation system that eliminates odors and vapors with professional activated carbon filters. And washing is automatic: at the touch of the screen, SuperOven cleans itself with a solution of water and the company's patented mild, environmentally friendly detergent.

Developing Creativity

Along with SuperOven ovens, it is possible to take advantage of the Cook Like a Chef digital platform to develop H24 creativity and find inspiration with the support of Unox Casa chefs. The platform allows Unox Casa customers to take advantage of expert support: the company has created real film studios at its headquarters in Padua, Italy, where it has created more than one hundred video recipes to stimulate passion and appetite. At the end of each video you can download the chosen recipe directly to your oven. A sort of Netflix for cooking enthusiasts, with exclusive access to those who have purchased a Unox Casa oven.

Tailor-made dining

With Personal Cooking Trainer a team of corporate chefs is available 7 days a week for one-to-one support on demand. In preparation for a dinner with friends, for example, one can go to the platform, define the number of guests and the type of dinner. On appointment, one is contacted by a chef who, based also on the client's skills, proposes a menu and, in a second appointment, makes it.