Iconic, functional, in a pure white finish: Dick's boutique in Edinburgh furnishes the store with modular systems from the Swiss company

The interior design of a showroom must be studied, right from the planning stage, down to the smallest detail. And it is not enough to focus solely on aesthetics, elements such as functionality, usability, materials, lighting, layout with a focus on colours must be taken into account. The interior layout must tell the brand's story in a simple and direct way, igniting the customer's attention.

Creative Freedom

USM Modular Forniture seeks to respond to all these needs with the USM Haller system. Each composition can be realised and organised following a multiplicity of configurations, leaving room for the designer's creativity and the needs of each environment, fitting harmoniously into any context and integrating even with different styles.

Passion for craftsmanship

Dick's is a clothing boutique in Edinburgh's Stockbridge district of the New Town. It offers collections of men's/women's clothing, accessories and homewares. Opened in 2012, it works with brands and manufacturers from all over the world. "What sets us apart is the great care we take in choosing our garments, offering carefully selected and crafted items. Every aspect of our business is focused on the passion we have for craftsmanship, the world of manufacture and the stories of the people behind each product. From this philosophy of ours, the choice of the USM Haller system was derived. We love everything that is durable and reliable, and we select items and garments that reflect this principle,' explains the owner.

Modular furniture solutions

With the support of Tangram, a trusted business partner in Scotland, USM Modular Forniture proposed a furniture solution to display the store's collections. To ensure good visibility of the articles and optimise the space, Tangram's interior designer Wouter Bossenbroek worked in concert with the owner. USM Haller modules were chosen, each configured to best present the products, characterised by sustainable manufacturing processes and produced by local manufacturers.

Design icon

"We wanted to furnish the boutique in a special way and the USM Haller modular system proved to be suitable. We like it because it lends itself to furnishing any environment, is sustainable and is a design icon. We can add modules and change the configuration of the structure as required and it is in tune with our principles and values," the owner continues.

Glass shelves, locks and lighting

The large display module in the centre of the showroom has a glass top with lockable drawers to display items while keeping them protected, while the module on the back wall has integrated Haller E lighting to illuminate the hanging items and those on the shelves. With 14 available colours and unlimited configurations, the possibilities for furnishing with the USM Haller system are endless. In this case, the pure white finish was chosen for a fresh and essential style in line with the collections. The parquet was then painted to match the furnishings, creating a clean and harmonious ambience.