The Swiss company's new app-based system for a perfect balance of ownership and sharing in hotels, gyms and wellness centres

Achieving the perfect balance between ownership and sharing is a goal of contemporary design. Just think of contract spaces, where furniture and furnishings belong to one client for one or more days, or just a few hours, and then pass into the hands of others, as happens in hotels, gym or swimming pool changing rooms and wellness centres. It is precisely for contract, hotel and leisure spaces of all kinds - but also for offices, other places of sharing - that the latest innovation from USM, a Swiss company that has linked its name to modular systems with infinite configuration possibilities, is designed. For years, the solutions of the USM Haller collection have represented a benchmark in terms of space management and organisation, as they stylishly combine classic beauty and adaptability to guarantee optimal and flexible solutions. Solutions that, moreover, architects and interior designers can test for their own projects through a convenient online configurator on the company website.

Smart lock

The brand's latest innovation is the electromechanical C lock, combined with a specially developed app, for securing personal belongings with ease in shared rooms and spaces. Thanks to dual technology, RFID and Bluetooth, the lock can, in fact, be easily operated using a magnetic key or smartphone. Compact and straightforward, with the timeless aesthetics of a design classic, the C lock combines electronics and mechanics with the high quality that has always distinguished USM.

Solutions to different needs

There are three ways of using Locker C: Public Locker, Personal Locker and Shared Locker designed to meet the needs of locations with different functions. Public Locker is designed for environments such as swimming pools or gyms, where lockers in changing rooms are obviously not permanently assigned, but see the user change from hour to hour. Public Locker is the ideal solution for temporary use and is therefore not tied to a single magnetic key. The Personal Locker model, on the other hand, is designed for lockers that are assigned to a single person on a long-term basis, perfect for protecting confidential documents or personal belongings, designed for executive offices or employees' private offices, but also for creating child-proof home environments. Finally, the Shared Locker version allows access for several people, a useful solution for lockers shared by several employees of the same team for example, but also a way to allow, via an app, third party access in the absence of the owner.

Something new

"In order to keep up with the times after more than 50 years, it is necessary to come up with something new: new components, new functions, small but refined additions that offer users solutions in line with current needs and even more convenience, designing smart furniture with an eye on the future," explains Thomas Dienes, Product Development Director at USM.

Simplifying procedures

The new Lock C simplifies procedures in the event of a lost key: normally the only solution would be to dispose of the locker and replace it with a new one, or to order a new key, whereas thanks to RFID and Bluetooth technology it is possible to perform an emergency opening and obtain a new magnetic key.

Easy installation

Like all USM Haller system components, the new C-lock can be installed on existing USM furniture. Without much effort and without having to change the entire door, only the handle or handle of the existing lock can be replaced by the new C-lock. Even the battery change can be managed from the outside in just a few steps, making USM Haller modules much more secure and protecting their contents quick and easy.