Every moment of the day has its ideal setting: the system's wide selection of compositions and colours allows you to choose the most suitable model to create spaces dedicated to relaxation

Set up a customised space in your home for yourself, your passions, your hobbies, your family and children's free time... The place to cultivate personal interests, relax and rediscover the value of time freed after work or study. In short, organise a room in the home exclusively dedicated to leisure time. USM Haller modular systems are ideal for every moment of daily life: functional and versatile, they accompany you at work, but also in your free time. Having a hobby is ideal for relaxing, and USM Modular Furniture can also prove useful in moments of leisure: between one TV series and another, while having an aperitif with friends, while reading a book or listening to music, or while practising sport and physical activity.

For the children

With the end of school, the children's day also has to be reorganised, especially the time spent at home. Thanks to USM Haller systems, it is possible to design safe and fun play corners while optimising space. In addition, the module with integrated wheels is the solution for moving toys around easily and storing them neatly and quickly at the end of the day.

Many compositions and many colours

Every moment has its ideal setting: the system's wide selection of compositions and colours allows you to choose the model that best suits your needs. The furnishing systems are in fact based on a modular structure whose central element is the chrome-plated brass junction ball, to which the connecting tubes are attached to create the load-bearing structure (extremely resistant to pressure and traction) where the painted metal cladding panels (in different colours) are then inserted, available in three different materials: powder-coated sheet steel, perforated metal and glass.

Personality and character

A multifaceted element with its own style and personality that adapts to all circumstances while maintaining character and aesthetic strength. Storage solutions, sideboards and cupboards, to optimise the domestic space.