A special color for the True Pink capsule collection

It comes from the union of the strength of red and the balance of white, and in Western culture is associated with feelings of calm, relaxation, comfort. It is a shade that has beneficial effects on mental relaxation and the ability to connect with others: it relaxes the climate between people, predisposes to listening, and communicates positive feelings. In interior design projects, it is elegant combined with gray, black, blue, white and petrol green. It goes well with different interior design styles: designer, shabby chic, country. We are talking about the color pink, among the most versatile colors in the color spectrum.

A special color

True Pink is USM Modular Furniture's new Capsule Collection: a special color designed to make the public think about the meaning of comfort and the importance of color in design and architecture. A soft hue that associates warmth, joy, and optimism, creating a relaxed environment and a relaxed atmosphere. A collection designed to balance the frenzy of the office, but also to reconcile rest back home. A color that does not go unnoticed, with a strong personality and at the same time ideal for letting go and finding tranquility.

A pink sign

Shown to the public for the first time during the last Milano Design Week at the Rossignoli bike store in the heart of Brera, in collaboration with Monocle, the True Pink limited edition has already made its mark.

Absolute modularity

The secret of success is linked to the timeless USM Haller design classic and its modularity: the ability to disassemble the structure, redesign the furniture and adapt it to any interior and any use without sacrificing quality. This is thanks to the USM ball-and-tube connection that allows balls, tubes, and panels to be linked together.

Pure sustainability

The very modules used for installation can now go into homes and offices. The entire structure has been disassembled and repurposed in five furniture configurations. The True Pink limited edition consisting of bar cart, TV cart, chest of drawers and two home office solutions is available in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France and Austria at the shop online while supplies last.