Iconic boats on the US East Coast, VanDutch watercraft have won the hearts of European yacht lovers by their essential design and high-tech materials. The latest models, the VD 40 and the VD 32, made in Italy, are becoming real must-haves

High, straight bow, clean design, high-tech materials, stunning performance and ease of use. In a word: VanDutch. The passion for a VanDutch yacht means loving an iconic object, rich in class and refinement, as well as the urge to join a favored club and take advantage of exclusive and efficient services. In the United States it’s a must-have, there is always a VanDutch moored outside the villas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale; on the Côte d'Azur and in the Baleares it’s the latest trend. The brand founded in the Netherlands in 2008, since 2020 has become the third marque in the Cantiere del Pardo’s fleet (alongside Grand Soleil for sailing craft and Pardo Yachts for motoryachts). Its acquisition has enabled the group based in Forlì to gain even greater importance while helping this brand attain a value appreciated worldwide, the value of made in Italy. Designed since their origin by the Mulder Designstudio, they are now built in a shipyard that has the choice of the region’s finest craftworkers.

The range consists of craft of different sizes from 32 feet (10 meters) up to 75 feet (23 meters). Among them the latest models have already made their way into the hearts of those who desire comfort, innovation and design: the VD 40, already on the market for a year and currently the top model, and the VD 32, presented this summer on Lake Garda, where a showroom has also been opened at Moniga. VD 40 has been renewed in its lines to lengthen it and make it 25 centimeters higher, so expanding the livability of some spaces on board, with improved soundproofing to enhance the comfort of guests. It is completed by a cabin below deck, conceived as a place for relaxation and regeneration, created in keeping with the exteriors with a design that is clean and minimalist but highly refined.

The new VD 32 is the new entry level of the range, taking the place of the previous VD 30. Featuring the same minimalist and iconic lines as all VanDutch yachts, it has fully renewed proportions and functionality. The increase in the overall volume leads to a greater available surface area, again to the benefit of habitability. The height of the freeboard has also been increased, making for better safety on the walkways. The VD 32 emphasizes the uniqueness of a family of yachts focused on innovation and performance and thanks to a sophisticated hull design, the boat is fast, light, with low fuel consumption and an ability to skim over the water even at moderate speeds. It offers endless potential for customization in colors and finishes, enabling the boat to be refashioned in the image of its owner. For a lifestyle of great distinction.