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It's easy to say table lamps. They are useful in the living room, on a low table next to the sofa, a piece of furniture, a shelf. If a light point is needed near the TV set, it is better to choose a lamp that does not create annoying reflections, shielding and diffusing the light evenly. Or you might need a lamp with a more directional light, to encourage reading. Depending on shape and size, table lamps are also suitable in the entrance area, hallway or bedroom. Linea Light Group's table lamps are suitable for any space, both residential and contract, and match any table top. Moreover, the Veneto-based company offers cutting-edge know-how in LED technology to guarantee quality, sustainability and efficiency.

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Inspired by camping lights

Portable and rechargeable, Camping is a table lamp inspired by the 'camping lights' of yesteryear, iconic oil lamps transportable by a handle. The lamp by Linea Light Group is characterised by its modern silhouette while winking at technology, portability and quality. Plate and handle can be positioned at different heights, determining the light emission. The lamp features three different light intensities and, thanks to Warm Tune technology, the colour temperature can vary from a minimum of 1700K (very warm light) to a maximum of 4000K (natural light).

Personality and solidity

Gemini is among the elite products of Linea Light Group's Decórative collection thanks to its glass with an elegant bronzed reflective finish. The stoneware body conveys solidity, personality and style. With its 8 W output, it is available in three versions: ceiling, table and wall.

Colourful and adjustable

Rechargeable, via USB C cable, and adjustable in intensity and colour temperature thanks to the button on the base, Linea Light Group's Dubcolor is a table lamp available in six different colours. Equipped with Dynamic White technology, the LED source allows non-stop smooth adjustment from a minimum of 1700 K (very warm white) to a maximum of 4000 K (natural white). A simple touch of the same button allows the intensity to be adjusted by choosing from three different options: 25%, 50% or 100% light.

Simple and original

Birba features a simple and original design, thanks to the body made by Linea Light Group in different materials and finishes, from polished brass to polished aluminium and white painted aluminium. A further possibility of choice: the light source. Depending on the version, it is possible to fit one of the many types of compatible LED bulb, depending on the aesthetic and luminous effect one wishes to achieve. Or opt for flush lighting with the cylinder end, which allows a partial cutoff effect and better glaring control.

Spherical diffuser

Part of Linea Light Group's Sinfonia family, Rossini is a table lamp with a spherical diffuser in extra-clear, partially sandblasted polymethylmethacrylate. The intensity emitted by the LED source is dimmable thanks to the practical push-dim button. The different types of finish make the product versatile and combinable with different surfaces.

Ideal for reading

Squash has a slightly flattened elliptical shape and illuminates residential and contract interiors with character. Body and frame are in wrinkled white painted metal, while the diffuser, in linear polyethylene, has a smooth and uniform surface. The table version of this Linea Light Group lamp, thanks to the LED source inside, diffuses a warm and inviting light that encourages reading even for long periods.

With proximity sensor

With a minimalist design, available in a wide variety of colours for use in multiple contexts, Dama is a portable table lamp. The lamp body is made of painted metal. The rechargeable LED source is equipped with a proximity sensor and is activated by a simple swipe of the hand.