An elegant design and revolutionary technology, capable of producing a filtered coffee in three minutes: this is Victoria Arduino's Black Eagle Maverick

Attention to raw materials, good flavors, a healthy lifestyle and energy saving are the contemporary trends in the beverage sector from which Victoria Arduino left to design her latest innovation, Black Eagle Maverick.

Black Eagle Maverick (which will be presented at the Milan Coffee Festival from 12 to 14 November 2022) is in fact a machine capable of preparing filtered coffees - syrupy and full-bodied - in just 3 minutes, offers extremely simple usability and uses 37% less power than previous models.

To these innovative features, Victoria Arduino's newborn adds a design with a strong aesthetic appeal that winks at the American Streamline of the 50s. Aerodynamic shapes, stainless steel, knobs and technical elements on view on the barista side.

And a very clean total black, always rounded, on the consumer side: with the stylized red eagle, symbol of the collection that gives that detachment element that serves to balance the overall vision.

An absolutely trendy look associated with an exquisitely contemporary interface that incorporates colors and signs.

Pure Brew Technology

With Black Eagle Maverick, Victoria Arduino introduces Pure Brew Technology, an extraction method that is applied to espresso and the extraction of a new low-pressure drink.

To achieve it, Victoria Arduino has designed and patented a new filter holder with a conical and double mesh filter capable of creating PureBrew, a gravitationally pressured filtered coffee that is syrupy and with a lot of body.

The new technology is characterized by extreme ease of use: to serve it, simply set the roasting level chosen for the coffee between light, medium and dark, options that allow you to emphasize the floral and fruity notes, or intriguing such as chocolate and hazelnut of different types of coffee, with a syrupy and smooth consistency that can be tried from 12 to 14 November at the Milan Coffee Festival event at SuperStudio.

The interface design

As befits a contemporary product, Black Eagle Maverick combines a design with a strong aesthetic appeal with a heart tech, which starts from the interface.

Built on very elegant colors and connected in the collective imagination with speed, performance and also the courage of those who dare - black, red, white - the user interface was in fact designed focusing on usability, which is simple and intuitive.

Nonconformist, always

Faithful to the nonconformist nature with which Victoria Arduino has always outlined her corporate history, the new Black Eagle Maverick aims to combine innovation, creativity and technology. In 1905, when Teresio Arduino founded the company, he did so with the aim of 'breaking the rules' and producing an espresso machine despite his career as a clerk.

To replicate the nonconformist spirit and meet the needs of baristas, the Victoria Arduino team has explored a place where the operator can have complete control over the product she is offering within her premises. Not limiting itself, therefore, to serving the cup of coffee ready and prepared by the machine independently.

With Black Eagle Maverick the barista takes control of temperature, infusion, steam, and has the opportunity to suddenly change the type of coffee being produced.

Healthy lifestyle, attention to resources

With a technology that represents the latest evolution of coffee machines, Black Eagle Maverick has anticipated and responds to the new trends in the sector.

In fact, today on the side of the final consumer there is a continuous search for healty flavours and healthy beverages, while chains and coffee shops are increasingly focused on identifying solutions that guarantee strong energy savings, always guaranteeing an extensive drinks menu.

Pure Brew technology, in fact, allows you to prepare espresso and infusions based on coffee, tea and herbal teas, expanding the range of healthy drinks to be enjoyed at different times of the day.

Innovative in terms of technology and design, Black Eagle Maverick also presents important improvements in terms of performance, precision and sustainability. Its T3 Genius technology offers great precision and control, but using 37% less energy.

A result made possible by reducing the volumes of the stainless steel boilers, optimizing the weight of the unit and increasing its reactivity and precision; improving the electronics and using waste energy to preheat the incoming water.