Designed to enjoy the coffee experience in a satisfying way in any context, E1 Prima is a perfect mix of design and technology

E1 Prima, 1-group professional espresso coffee machine, is versatile and eclectic, it is suitable for small-sized work spaces, it is conceived both for professional use in start-ups or established businesses and in domestic contexts, it fits elegantly into exclusive boutiques and it is also perfect in places where coffee is not the main activity. E1 Prima changes according to the spaces and environments in which it is inserted and evolves over time, thanks to the possibility of always new seasonal looks and colors and finishes that interpret the trends of the moment. With E1 PrimaVictoria Arduino has paid attention both to the pleasure of living and working with a product that balances aesthetic and functional qualities as well as to technological research and innovation. The design, the applied technologies and the insulation of the components contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact, making E1 Prima a machine designed to be more compact, more performing but also authentically sustainable. NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology represents a totally new approach to water heating for low-consumption coffee brewing. The Steam-by-wire has an ergonomic lever and allows you to prepare excellent cappuccinos. Also, an app is available to optimize its performance and use of the machine. The special edition of E1 Prima entitled Prima Meets Icons, was created specifically for Interni Designer’s Week 2021 by architect Alfonso Arosio with the aim of paying homage and mentioning some of the most important design icons that have been hand-drawn on the product and represented in a three-dimensional way.

At a glance

What is it?
A professional 1-group espresso coffee machine with a minimal and contemporary design.
What its design concept?
Quality coffee is becoming a lifestyle phenomenon that tends to be sought in an increasingly exclusive way even in contexts not necessarily linked to the coffee shop environment: food trucks, boutiques, offices, homes and more. E1 Prima was created to respond to this trend.
How and where is it manufactured?
E1 Prima is designed and produced in Italy by Victoria Arduino.
What makes it special?
E1 Prima is a professional coffee machine with aesthetic and technical features that make it unique. It was designed in order to be able to use colors, finishes and different types of materials, both natural such as wood, both technological such as steel, resins and aluminum.