Linea is born, the new series of plates and controls with an unusual and elegant design

Intuitive, essential, convex, dynamic: all this is Linea, the new series of plates and controls with an unusual and elegant design by Vimar. The distinctive profile and curvature of the controls makes interaction with the various functions immediate and spontaneous; the minimalist design leaves room for the control surfaces; thanks to the smart and domotic versions, it connects living spaces to the needs of everyday life; with the innovative XT platform, the domotic home becomes a true sensorial experience.


Minimal thickness

Characterised by its minimal thickness, Linea offers absolute flatness between the plate and controls, interrupted by the curved profile of the new aligned button: its slight protrusion and large surface area of 53 millimetres makes it easy to touch. Once actuated, the control returns to its position guaranteeing perfect alignment thanks to the patented In-line technology. There are two backlighting modes: with the square on the standard control or with a vertical light beam from below in the dedicated button that gives a soft glow on the plate, creating a luminous effect on the wall.

Renovating without problems

Linea is born smart: over 200 functions meet the comfort, energy efficiency and safety requirements of contemporary living. The ideal solution when renovating, upgrading the functions of an existing system or in the case of a new installation. Thanks to the View Wireless system, spaces can be upgraded without masonry work to control and manage, remotely via app or with voice assistants, lights, shutters, temperature, access and energy consumption.

The innovative XT platform

Linea is also natively home automation, with two different designs to create a coordinated and harmonious connected system. The traditional modular bus platform for home and building automation is joined by the innovative XT platform that makes By-me Plus home automation an even simpler and more immersive experience. Controls with a planar design, extended to the entire surface and operable over the entire area; highly ergonomic feedback based on microswitch technology and customisable and dynamic LED matrix icons; proximity sensor for icon activation when the hand approaches.

Shades, materials, finishes

All Linea controls are available in three different shades: white, black and hemp to blend in with any living context and match the various materials and 12 different finishes selected for the plates, the result of special and eco-friendly processing.