Solutions for a smart and connected home in the Apulian countryside

The smart home market has been growing for several years. This is for several reasons. Firstly, because the technology is used to monitor energy consumption, allowing the use ofresources to be managed. Next, because many users are attracted by the possibility of controlling their homes and functions remotely: lighting, air conditioning, appliances, blackout systems can be managed with a smartphone, tablet or voice assistant. Finally, home security is increasing thanks to wireless or wired burglar alarm systems, consisting of sensors, video cameras, intrusion detection systems, sound alarms that are connected and monitored remotely in real time.

In the Apulian countryside

In the Apulian countryside, a project by architect Nicola Isetta has resulted in a smart and connected green retreat designed for a couple's work and relaxation. A project that allowed the Reisarchitettura studio to win the In/Architettura 2020 Special Prize awarded by Vimar for the best national project. Always attentive to the needs of architects and the trends of modern living, Vimar, with its support for the In Arch 2020 Award, wanted to offer a stimulus to professionals so that electrical installations and home and building automation systems are born as an integral part of the architectural project and not as an afterthought.

Re-interpreting the local building tradition

The house was awarded for its ability to re-interpret the traditional forms and materials of Apulia's rural building tradition in a contemporary key, integrating it into the landscape and using state-of-the-art technology. The finishing materials are those traditional to the area, brought up to date by the architectural detail: dry stone and lime plaster for the walls, minimal oak window and door frames, Apricena stone slabs for the floors.

Cement, wood and technology

For the interiors, a smooth cement floor for the living area and wood for the sleeping area; the furnishings were chosen from the best Italian-made brands. As were the devices that make up the electrical and home automation system. Vimar technology was chosen to allow the owners, who are often away from home for work, to be able to control the home remotely, easily and safely.

Managing the home from a smartphone

A home automation system has therefore been installed that, with the help of a webserver, makes it possible to enclose all functions within a single device: the smartphone. A convenience that makes all the difference and allows, for example, monitoring access and responding to the video intercom, but also supervising security and alarm systems, lights and, last but not least, air conditioning.

Saving energy

Particular attention has been paid to energy saving: an integrated system with heat pump, solar panels, photovoltaics, electric car charging point and consumption monitoring has been created for total energy autonomy. Thanks to the choice of home automation, whether the owners are in or out of the house, everything can be managed from any point with the utmost simplicity and safety from either a smartphone or home automation control.

Shapes, finishes, high-tech

The choice of control devices is designed to make them compositional elements of the living space. The Eikon Evo plates in total white aluminium mix the aesthetics of shapes, fine finishes and technological intelligence. Devices with a light and minimal silhouette, which protrudes from the wall a few millimetres and, seen from the side, becomes an almost imperceptible presence.

Photos: Alessandra Bello