The Linea series by the Marostica-based company dresses the spaces of the Milan store with lightness and minimal style, between innovation and tradition

Simple, essential, minimal does not mean banal, ordinary, predictable. Far from it. In the cognitive process and in the representation of reality, the human mind tends to perceive things in their simplest form: using the principle of simplicity in the best possible way means knowing how to use pure, genuine forms to create complex, impactful, stylish objects. With Vimar's Linea series, with its clean, minimalist design, the result of a balanced mix of refined aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, innovation meets tradition, thanks to numerous registered patents that make it unique.

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Elegance and style

The façade is clear, stately: the historic building in the centre of Milan is home to the Meridiani showroom. Elegance and style are the guiding words for the visitor through the exhibition space. An iconic white spiral staircase characterises the entire environment, dressed in neutral tones, interrupted by dots of red, ochre and anthracite, to make the furnishings and accessories on display stand out: sofas, tables, chairs, shelving, mirrors, lamps, small tables. All illuminated by The Moon, a large round lamp, suspended and light, a true work of art. In this context, Vimar was chosen to interpret the mood of the store rooms with its products.

Nothing is left to chance

In the showroom, nothing is left to chance, the spaces have been designed to convey a sense of subtle elegance and extreme refinement: in this context, Vimar's Linea series fits in naturally with its clean and essential design. The lightness of discrete shapes chosen in the white variant is in synergy with the spaces, thanks to plates and buttons characterised by a subtle flatness and distinctive profiles. A new design focused on the total alignment between insert and plate, with a slender and light profile.

A space with great personality

"From an architectural point of view, this is a neutral space, but one with great personality, inside a splendid 19th century building," explains designer Andrea Parisio, Meridiani's director and style supervisor. "The renovation work was carried out to restore a neutral yet characterful container that could accommodate and enhance the collections. The layout of the structure remained the same: superfluous parts were eliminated and a classic, harmonious space was created.

The restyling has maintained the original logic of symmetry, a sequence of axial spaces from outside to inside that respect the historical and original spirit of the building. Linea, Vimar's civil series, reflects with its planarity and light design the characteristics of the place, adapting to the environment in a discreet way, with personality".

Lights for immersive games

In an environment of this kind, lighting plays a fundamental role in being able to experience the exhibition in an immersive way. To best manage the lighting and intensity, as well as the temperature, Vimar's By-me Plus home automation system was chosen. Using the View app, it is possible to manage the various scenarios via smartphone or thanks to the white touch screens that discreetly stand out on the walls. In this way, with a single, simple gesture, the switching on, switching off and intensity of the light in the rooms are managed, in order to always offer the ideal atmosphere and create the conditions for optimal enjoyment of the furnishings and accessories on display.

Environments in flux

"The challenge was to realise a project in which the products and solutions would fit naturally into the ambience," say electrical installers Stefano Pavesi of Pavesi Impianti and Roberto Merati of R&L 95. "In this case, the system, especially with regard to lighting, must be functional for the space, to make every detail stand out, considering that it is a constantly changing environment, subject to periodic modifications and changes of furnishings.

From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of Linea by Vimar was completely natural: it was the civil series that fitted in best, because it reflects the style of the environment. In order to guarantee maximum convenience also in the management of lighting and temperature, we opted for the By-me Plus home automation system, and right from the start the customers confirmed its intuitiveness and ease of use".