The Veneto brand's cutting-edge technology for a historic residence of discreet luxury in the Tuscan countryside

The redevelopment of the Colle Allegro complex, in Arezzo, began as an avant-garde work, imagining painting on a canvas with fast signs, scratching the place through volumes that bear witness to an extremely modern three-dimensionality but are able to dialogue with the past. A design challenge won by Studio Svetti Architecture (based in Arezzo and London) in addressing the value and historical legacy of a 4,500 square metre area in the Tuscan countryside. A challenge still open for the development potential related to new needs and functions of the entire complex.

A discreet luxury

A project inspired by the New Tuscan Luxury Life Style (that mix of geniality, creativity, irony, and passion for a discreet but well-defined luxury that distinguishes a land rich in landscape, art, and history) whose heart is represented by the Villa, which houses five independent luxury living units facing both sides of the property, loft settings, and common spaces that interpret hospitality, entertainment, and representation. All the flats have the entrance from the common areas in the centre of the building, easily reached by two connecting staircases, located on the front and rear sides of the building.

In Praise of Imperfection

Interpreted according to the Japanese wabi-sabi vision of the world, the residences represent a eulogy of imperfect, impermanent, incomplete, unusual beauty, and are characterised by antique wooden floors, lime-based wall finishes and coffered ceilings reminiscent of tradition, custom-made by an Umbrian craftsman.

Simple and elegant gestures

Vimar's Eikon Tactil devices, chosen to control the lighting and movement of blinds and shutters, have also contributed to a design philosophy that underpins the discreet luxury of a traditional style linked to the future. Their crystal surface, smooth and luminous, becomes one with the space around them, making them stand out thanks to backlit LED icons. Raising and lowering curtains and blinds, switching on, off or adjusting the intensity of dimmable LED lamps becomes a simple and elegant gesture at the same time. As soon as the surface of the Eikon Tactil controls is touched, a proximity sensor detects the proximity of the devices and activates their backlighting. All it takes to operate them is a gesture that Vimar's touch technology transforms into direct energy control.

A new definition of style

The Eikon Tactil control devices have been matched with the lines of the Eikon Evo series as a frame to the sockets, plates that enhance the devices thanks to the chrome finish. A new definition of style, a new concept of luxury, shapes designed to look good, dimensions that stand out discreetly on the walls, ultra-slim profiles, unusual colours and combinations.