The new oven from the Marche company simplifies life and brings an extraordinary coocking experience to the kitchen

Design is an expressive language that communicates creativity, passion, research, innovation: a transversal language through which companies, captains of industry, technologies, talents confront each other. The resulting material product is not a simple object, but becomes the expression of a system of shared values that refers to a history. For over 50 years, the story of Elica, a leader in the range hood sector and today at the forefront of design and production of cooking appliances, tells all this. It tells, above all, what it means to "build value" beyond the product.

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At Elica, designers, researchers and engineers design solutions to improve the quality of life, not only in the kitchen: high performance, functional and intuitive technology, low consumption and exceptional design bring an extraordinary cooking experience into the home.

A revolution in the kitchen

In 2016 Elica revolutionised the extractor hood sector with the NikolaTesla range, allowing space in the kitchen to be rethought. Since its debut, inserting suction inside the hob, this line aims to improve the cooking experience, responding with a single product to the needs of aesthetics, multi-functionality and integration. The latest addition, NikolaTesla Unplugged, takes the control system to a different level, reflecting a rediscovered taste for the analogue, initiating a significant evolutionary process.

An important evolution

Virtus Multi 60 DD represents one of the novelties that testify to this important evolution of Elica. The oven, which won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 in the Product&Interior Design category, presents itself with a linear and contemporary aesthetic, with total black surfaces that adapt to any "kitchen context".

A complex work of synthesis

"Essentiality, formal reduction, rigorous lines and details with a strong expressive impact represent the aesthetic values of the new Virtus oven," explains Fabrizio Crisà, Elica's Chief Design Officer. "My idea in designing this product was based on the desire to catalyse all the attention on two details, the handle and the knob, which are the elements with which it interacts.

Both are made of black anodised aluminium, but while the handle is small, with a solid grip and allows a decisive and immediate gesture, the knob, placed in the centre of the glass, is generously sized and is designed like a large floating ring, with the inside hollowed out and the same shine as the glass, to suggest an idea of surprising lightness. For Elica, Virtus is definitely the result of a very complex work of synthesis and is an expression of how simplicity, accuracy, minimalist design and attention to detail become matter."

Cooking at the service of everyday life

The traditional Static, Ventilated, Grill and Intensive modes become more efficient thanks to Perfect Heat, a system that manages internal heat in all cooking functions, guaranteeing rapid temperature rise up to 300 °C, precise control, high thermal inertia and energy efficiency.

Easy and sustainable cleaning

Elica's Virtus Multi 60 DD is also easy to clean, quick and eco-sustainable. With the hydrolytic Eco Clean function, just a little water and a few drops of detergent are enough to clean the oven cavity, avoiding waste of energy. The attention to the impact on consumption is also underlined by the A+ class.

Robustness and reliability

Carefully selected special materials make it possible to extend the life (offering a warranty extension of up to 7 years) and offer innovative benefits for Elica's Virtus Multi 60 DD. Cool Door keeps the oven door insulated and cool even when it is at full power, while Soft Closing makes door closing silent and imperceptible. In addition, wear-resistant materials insulate the wall unit from the oven's perimeter heat.