Voile, design Castiglia Associati, is a framed partition dividing the dry area from the wet area

The bathroom area is usually organised as a single space. However, it is possible to visually divide the different areas to create intimate corners, especially if the dimensions are generous. Partitioning panels, half-height walls, translucent glass, doors, and cupboards are some of the architectural and aesthetic formulas for separating areas (washbasin, shower, sanitary ware), especially if the bathroom is shared. Vismaravetro meets this need with Voile.

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Divide with elegance

The new Vismaravetro experimentation is a framed partition that, in the bathroom area, divides the dry area from the wet area: a door, sliding on its track, now closes off the shower space, now the adjoining space, which can house the sanitary fittings or the washbasin.

A bathroom within a bathroom

Voile is pure understatement elegance, an expression of Vismaravetro's desire to propose a renewed vision of the bathroom environment, a space to be rethought, a shell in which to create a bathroom within a bathroom.

High performance

The performance, in terms of water tightness, is high, thanks to technologically advanced gaskets, and there are many possible configurations, as always in Vismaravetro proposals.

Different types of crystals

Voile is available in different types of crystal, transparent or opaque. An element that becomes the focal point of the room, dressing it with a minimal, whispery and discreetly powerful elegance.