From the evolution of the Walk-in Closet project, Walk-in Fluida is born: the new furniture system designed to create a personal wardrobe

Custom made, versatility, comfort and aesthetic harmony: these are the peculiarities of the new Walk-in Fluida program, the new Scavolini walk-in closets, designed by Vuesse. A complete and modular furniture system, designed with attention to detail and designed for residential and contract environments. A versatile system for creating customized, efficient and functional projects, taking into account the size and needs of living. The possible configurations allow you to fit into large and small spaces, create cabins in the bedroom or allocate entire rooms to the visible wardrobe. The modularity of the system allows you to choose between linear solutions, corner solutions, with exposed modules or closed with doors, up to the creation of free-standing solutions, designed to separate rooms. With Walk-in Fluida you can compose your own private oasis where you can store clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, but also a place to try and try again every outfit, savoring the taste of an area all to yourself.

The colors, the materials, the handles

Five colors are available (Pure White, Iron Gray, Seagull Gray, Garden Walnut and Nuance Larch) ranging from light to dark shades, which can be combined with a wide range of materials for the doors available with push-pull openings or with handles. The doors are also available in smoked glass, enhanced by the aluminum frame, to reveal the internal accessories of the walk-in closet. The aluminum profile also acts as a handle.

Accessories for every taste and need

With the same sensitivity for geometric precision, the structure can be enriched with a rich range of internal accessories that can be integrated and coordinated with each other (shelves, coat hangers, drawer units, trouser racks and removable trays, linen racks, shoe racks, object holders and baskets) in a way that that each garment has the right place and everything is always in order and within reach. To satisfy different tastes and needs, the system is completed by three lines of internal accessories: Comfort in Moka finish, Support in Metal Gray finish and Assist, available in the five shades of the structure.

And then the light ...

To ensure optimal visibility inside the walk-in closet, it is possible to integrate two diffused lighting systems: Magical lights, which can be positioned horizontally and vertically, with an inward inclined orientation; Flexy lights, horizontal, flexible and can be positioned both on the 61 cm deep shelves (combined with 34 cm deep uprights) and on the Assist shoe rack.