The first Italian brand of designer objects for the consumption of Cannabis is just born and it's called Weed'd: it is not a provocation

Weed'd is a new brand of items for the consumption of cannabis.

There is no need to go around it: although the subject is still considered delicate, even made in Italy has its bongs design from now on. As already exist in Canada, in ten American states, in Spain. And in all those countries where the recreational and medicinal consumption of marijuana has been substantially legalized or heavily decriminalized.

After the failure of the referendum on legalization (the Constitutional court recently rejected it), in Italy the birth of Weed'd might seem like a provocation.

Cannabis? An ignored subculture

"And instead it wants to be a way to change the perception of one of the most vexed subcultures on the planet: the consumption of soft drugs is still linked to a strange imaginary of high and perdition, but in countries where cannabis is legal or tolerated is one of the many ways to relax and get out of the frenzy", explains Simone Bonanni, design director of the brand (and rising star of the Italian project).

"The idea was born jokingly, but it quickly took shape. It was not difficult to convince Maddalena Casadei and Valerio Sommella to participate in the project". The topic is interesting and the typology totally unexplored in Italy.

Abroad, on the other hand, there are already several brands aimed at a hi-end audience. Often also associated with the online sale of Cannabis Sativa. Unimaginable in our country, where only CBD trade is allowed. However, you can safely smoke with Weed’d design bongs.

A designer bong to change the world

The collection of three bongs is a typological experiment. Because the idea behind Weed'd is made in Italy: good design, Italian craftsmanship, intelligent materials. "Design has often triggered substantial changes in lifestyle and cultural values, even in a conservative country like ours. Indeed, it was a real engine of modernity. I think he can play this role, in his small way, also in this case ”reflects Simone Bonanni.

"We started with the bong because it is one of the most used and functional tools, but we intend to go on". The bong is basically a water pipe that cools the smoke, avoids having to try your hand at complicated artisanal cigarettes, and is simple to use. But there are also other accessories that perhaps in the future will enter the catalog.

Foreign brands offer grinders to grind leaves and flowers, pipes in glass and wood, ashtrays designed especially for self-made cigarettes, bowls for mix tobacco and weed. The most hype brand? Edition, a Canadian cannabis dispensatory that, in addition to selling marijuana online, has chic accessories and gadgets for enthusiasts (from sweatshirts up) in its catalog.

Made in Italy of Cannabis

"At a first test it seems that the collection is well received both in Italy and abroad" comments Bonanni. An original gift, indeed. But also a nice object to keep on the bookcase. The inspiration for the three designers is primarily functional to a target sophisticated: a well thought-out color chart and three variants from which design personalities emerge distinct.

"I'm a brutal one in a period” jokes Simone Bonanni. His bong is perhaps the most "difficult" one, but the choice of an ' industrial aesthetic is declared. More sinuous and essential is the bong by Valerio Sommella. Maddalena Casadei plays on balanced and soft geometries.

"I gave very simple dimensional boundaries: the diameter of the cylinders and the height measurements. They served to create a family feeling and not to complicate the design of the packaging".

Radical memories for the first bongs made in Italy

The result is radical. In the sense that it is a work that could have arisen from a provocative research in Memphis and from the light-hearted and curious imagery of its designers. "Maybe it's the colors, the material…", Simone Bonanni speculates. Or perhaps it is a theme that the masters of the design revolution and their instinct subversive would have liked.

But simone Bonanni is an instinctive designer, raised at the school of Marcel Wanders and brave enough to compete with a design direction that sets itself the task, among other things, of changing the world.

"Why not? It's an interesting, new topic. A waiting list has been created for colleagues who want to work for Weed’d. More for the sake of participating in a freedom project than for professional interests". Although, all in all, being one of the first Italian bong designers is by no means a negligible detail in future design history manuals.