The new collection is characterised by simple geometric shapes, refined proportions, a strong personality

In the Five Elements theory (a pillar of Eastern thought since 300 BC), wood generates fire, reduces water, controls the earth, is destroyed by metal. It symbolises spring, nature beginning a new cycle. Everything is growing: new leaves, new flowers, new colours, the sun becomes warmer. Energy rises upwards, the slender blade of grass sprouts, piercing the still hard and frosty ground. Creativity, self-expression, vitality, balance, harmony are characteristic of this element.

Hymn to wood

Inspired by the island of Yakushima (part of the Ōsumi Islands archipelago), the Yaku collection is a hymn to wood in its purest, creative, energetic, harmonious forms: the primary wooden elements, a tribute to the ancient forest that envelops the island, are presented in their essentiality, used in clean cuts that highlight sections and refined proportions, overlapping and slightly spaced out to create a delicate vanishing line.

Simple and essential

Designed by Gabriele e Oscar Buratti for Gervasoni1882, Yaku consists of a dining table and bench. Simplicity and essentiality are the keywords that define the project: the term Yaku is a reference to the Japanese tradition of experimenting with the combination of simple elements and refined compositions.

Symmetrical three-dimensionality

The table and bench components, characterised by simple geometric shapes, seem to be assembled in an elegant compositional framework reminiscent of the ancient oriental interlocking game designed to create symmetrical three-dimensional units. The products, made of Mdf covered with multilaminar wood veneer in two different sizes, are ideal for decorating domestic spaces while maintaining a strong personality thanks to three special wood colours.

Finishes, colours and dimensions

Finishes: rectangular table made of MDF veneered Ash half-flame in Cherry, Ash and Obsidian colours. Dimensions: Yaku 33 Table: L. 240 x D. 100 x H. 740 cm. Yaku 33 Table: L. 200 x D. 100 x H. 740 cm. Yaku 15 bench: L. 220 x D. 48 x H. 445 cm.