Architectures and geometries, neo-baroque and metaphysics, plays of light and colors. The new Project collection by Zambaiti Contract, born from the creative dialogue with five designers, offers decorative wallpapers that can be made to measure and modulated on different supports, natural and on fabric

The new Project collection of the Zambaiti Contract brand launches the new design and production path of Zambaiti Parati, a Bergamo-based reality in the sector of wall coverings, oriented towards customization with the aim of offering decorative products created to measure and modulated on various types of support, natural and on fabric.

The result of constant technological and creative research, in collaboration with well-known architectural firms and designers, Zambaiti Contract proposes itself as the ideal partner to develop a high-end customized product, as well as to concretely orient itself in a sustainable direction, both in the various stages of production. both in the life cycle of the product.

The Project collection was born from an idea of Zambaiti CreativeLab, the research and development center of the corporate style office, which worked in constant creative dialogue with the architects Eleonora Sassoli, Gianluigi Landoni, Emanuele Svetti, Andrea Auletta and Roberto Semprini: each has interpret in a personal way, through an immediately legible style, some of the most representative Italian artistic currents.


The result is a rich collection of illustrations that combine the decorative value with the result of cutting-edge technological research relating to the new print media introduced precisely for this collection. A premium quality print has been developed to be made to measure, both for the contract and residential sector, both in standard sizes and resizable according to needs. The Project collection thus proposes a sustainable tailor made system, from the single sheet to the complete digital panel.

The Project collection offers four high quality supports – Pareti Vive, Waterproof, Acustic and Protection – which offer high performance levels to adapt to any design requirement.

Completely natural, Pareti Vive is made for rotogravure and digital printing and can be applied to different rooms of the house except for humid ones. Technical coating based on fiberglass, able to decorate and waterproof wall surfaces, Waterproof is ideal for bathrooms, showers, wellness centers and spas. Acustic, on the other hand, is a support developed to reduce the acoustic impact thanks to a slight thickness created by the combination of sound-absorbing membrane and fabric. Finally, Protection is certified for fire resistance, antibacterial treatment and resistance to shocks and abrasions. It is also pleasant to the touch, thanks to the relief effect generated by the embossing process that reproduces a textile texture.

With a high scenic impact, the Project wallpaper collection, declined in the different Italian artistic currents and in the personal stylistic codes of the designers involved, offers architecture and geometries, neo-baroque and metaphysics, plays of light and color that furnish and animate every type of environment, residential or contract, common areas or spaces dedicated to hospitality.


Eleonora Sassoli has interpreted the theme of Luce: at the center of the stylistic project, cultured and inspired, is the reinterpretation of the Macchiaioli and their interpretation of nature and colors, in a delicate pictorial transposition of lighting. For Frammenti di Classicità, Gianluigi Ladoni who instead manipulated and transported graphics, structures and architectural signs by the masters of Milanese architecture, from Giovanni Muzio and Giò Ponti, passing from Figini and Pollini to Aldo Rossi on the wall.

Imposing, wonderful and at the same time tragic, Roberto Semprini's Neo-Baroque is a journey that tells the symbols of the Baroque through a contemporary reinterpretation, including frescoes, interiors of churches and historic Sicilian residences. Andrea Auletta instead investigates the Italian Renaissance, reinterpreting its atmospheres, geometries, chromatic paths and surfaces in E, soprattutto, sempre rinasce line. For Metafisica dell’Anima, Emanuele Svetti crossed a dimension populated by fairytale landscapes, mythological figures and celebrations of the classic, immersed in a surreal beauty that fluctuates between dream and reality. Finally, the Forme collection by Zambaiti CreativeLab stands out for its graphics that recall nature and its shades: plant configurations, lights and stratifications emerge.