With the promising Zambaiti Contract division, the parent company Zambaiti Parati offers high quality wall covering projects, completely customized in style and performance

Specializing in wall covering and with a fifty-year history, Zambaiti Parati affirms its devotion to quality with a division that is constantly expanding: that of contract. Retail, hotels and yachts, but also residential: these are the areas to which the company turns for the design of environmental well-being that passes from paper, refined from both a technological and aesthetic point of view .

A design and production division which, thanks to a varied proposal of stylistic variations and supports, recognizes its mission in the modelling of livable and pleasant spaces not only stylistically but also in terms of performance.

With the Zambaiti Contract division, in fact, the objective is to support the customer by proposing a complete, high quality and punctually customized project: all the proposals are modular in terms of support, natural and on fabric, and are designed ad hoc based on the structural and aesthetic needs of the environments.

The path is simple: a starting decoration is identified among those in the catalogue, which for the Zambaiti Contract division can be chosen from four collectionsEterea, Project, Fuksas and Atelis(the latter still being defined) – each designed in collaboration with interior designers and international architecture studios, and the project is shaped according to the requests and needs of the space.

In addition to being characterized by excellent design, Zambaiti Contract's wall coverings are supported by researched technical and ecological characteristics, the supports introduced with the new division are in fact: Live, Waterproof, Acoustic and Protection Walls, four solutions that offer high performance and quality levels to adapt to every customer need.

Zambaiti Contract, the Ethereal collection

Born in September 2020, Eterea was the inaugural collection of the Zambaiti Contract division: a range of graphic solutions designed by architecture studios Metrogramma Milano who took care of the 'Materia', 'Tatto' and 'Impressioni' decorations, CaberlonCaroppi Italian Touch Architects creator of the 'Inked' motif, AlfonsoFemia/AF*Design who designed Wings and Lucifer, and Aldo Cibic Workshop who curated the Dots, Cloud and Arlecchino proposals. Each of them is available in two different stylistic destinations: 3D digitally printed panels and embossed wallpaper.

With Eterea, Zambaiti offers 3D digital printing that emphasizes textures and designs and offers the possibility of printing each graphic project on four different fireproof supports with different aesthetic and tactile characteristics: Bio Ecopaper, a one hundred percent eco-sustainable product to guarantee a healthier choice for walls; Mineral, obtained from the recycling of mica powders with both a tactile and visual stone effect; TelaLurex, a textile support evocative of prestigious tapestries; and VellutoTech, an elegant and high-performance support, designed to avoid the 'against the grain' effect.

Zambaiti Contract, the Project collection

With Project, the second arrival in the Contract sector, Zambaiti instead celebrates the essence of Italianness through some of the most iconic artistic currents of the Bel Paese.

Also in this case professional architects of the caliber of Eleonora Sassoli, Gianluigi Landoni (Frammenti di Classicità range), Emanuele Svetti (Metafisica decorations dell'Anima), Andrea Auletta (collection E, above all, semper reborn) and Roberto Semprini (Neo- Baroque), interpreted the different proposals born from the initial idea of Zambaiti CreativeLab, the research and development center within the style office of the Albino (BG) headquarters.

Project collects a precious selection of illustrations that act as a decorative background, intertwining with the result of cutting-edge technological research in the new print media introduced in this collection, which lives in step with the times of production progress and in full harmony with the styles and modern tastes.

Zambaiti Contract, the Fuksas collection

The most recent collection belonging to the Zambaiti Contract division and presented by the Albino company during the FuoriSalone 2022, is finally called Fuksas: designed in collaboration with the architecture studio of the same name, he thinks about proposals that interpret the new trends of contemporary living, in a mix of colours, graphics and material decorations rich in details and nuances.

The Bibi collection is part of this line, with a three-dimensional effect and labyrinthine suggestions; Summertime, a wallpaper with intense colors and natural materials that recall the warmth of the African sun and the flavor of the earth; Desert Rose with soft lines and elegant shades of blue that pay homage to the desert rose; Iceberg which recalls blocks of ice drifting in the sea and which brings with it the prayer of attention for the environment which has always characterized the research work of Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas. Finally Capri, with its pastel colors and graphics recall the evocative atmospheres of the most chic and sought-after island in the Mediterranean.

Zambaiti Contract dopo un intenso lavoro di ricerca per una produzione completamente sostenibile, nel 2022 ha coinvolto gli studi gli studi Metrogramma di Andrea Boschetti e AMDL Circle di Michele De Lucchi per disegnare una collezione in grado di innovare, a livello tecnico e commerciale, l’offerta delle carte da parati per il mondo dell’interior design e del contract.

È stata presentata in anteprima la nuova collezione 'Atelis', basandosi su due criteri progettuali: la selezione di supporti pregiati e naturali capaci di distinguersi nel mercato di settore; la creatività per enfatizzare il potenziale espressivo del materiale con matrici disegnate a mano e poi stampate, come fossero serigrafie o litografie d’arte.

Il risultato è una collezione di carte da parati, in amido di riso e lini puri, che sono naturali e preziose poiché pensate come vere e proprie boiserie artigianali, con segni e codici imperfetti che dichiarano il valore del fatto a mano. La collezione è tutt’ora in sviluppo e sarà presentata ufficialmente nel 2024.