Ceccotti Collezioni

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Icosofà sofa and Icolounge armchair, design Roberto Lazzeroni; DC Occasional table and low table, design Vincenzo De Cotiis; Lia floor lamp, design Todd Bracher

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Teresa chair, design Roberto Lazzeroni

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Neverfull mid cabinet, I.C.S. Tavolino low table and Star Trek armchair, design Roberto Lazzeroni

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Tomorrow Morning bed, Jun low table & stool and Dorotea desk, design Roberto Lazzeroni; Croix De Bois low table and Chevron carpet, design DRAW

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Full TV sideboard, design Roberto Lazzeroni; Petit Dîner low table, design Giuseppe Casarosa; Twenty two armchair, design Jaime Hayon; Chevron carpet, design DRAW

New Flagship Store Opening

Ceccotti Collezioni, the historic Italian  company  that  has translated its luxurious craftsmanship into new contemporary interpretations, presents new developments for the occasion of the opening of a new showroom.

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