1_-Dada-XY RID

XY, design Francesco Meda

2_-Dada-XY RID

XY, design Francesco Meda

3_-Dada-XY RID

XY, design Francesco Meda

News Molteni&C|Dada 2020

The completely renovated flagship store hosts the new 2020 collection, addressing the core needs of contemporary living, where domestic spaces are versatile, multifunctional, capable of adapting to different uses. The space is based on an image  of  international  modernism,  interpreted  in an elegant, fluid, almost aristocratic but above all familiar language. The new collections Dada VVD, Ratio and XY establish a dialogue with a selection of works by contemporary artists.


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Monday-Wednesday h. 10.00-19.00
Thursday h. 10.00-21.00
Friday-Sunday h. 10.00-19.00

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