Bench Callas, design Etel Carmona and Ines Schertel


Screen Camelia, design Etel Carmona and Ines Schertel


Lamp Lilly, design Etel Carmona and Ines Schertel


Tea trolley Cascas, design Patricia Urquiola


Coffee table Raiz, design Patricia Urquiola

Women and Design

The Brazilian brand’s tribute to its women protagonists of contemporary design and the debut of its international collection: a series of furnitures, created by Patricia Urquiola with a strong focus on sustainable and innovative materials, and a collection by Etel Carmona and Inês Schertel combining tactility and high craftsmanship. The exhibition explores the concept of slow design with pieces that establish a dialogue with a new reality in a gentler rhythm reconnecting us to nature through a dreamy atmosphere.

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