Giorgetti Store

1_Giorgetti_StoreMilano2019_014 RID

Mizar table + Selene small armchairs, design Roberto Lazzeroni; Swords chandelier, design Giancarlo Bosio & Centro Ricerche Giorgetti

2_Giorgetti_StoreMilano2019_015 RID

Skyline sofa + small tables, design Carlo Colombo; Godron architectural surface, design Giancarlo Bosio, made by Listone Giordano

3_Giorgetti_StoreMilano2019_003 RID

Disegual table, design Umberto Asnago; Alexa chairs, design Roberto Lazzeroni

4_Giorgetti_StoreMilano2019_011 RID

Adam sofa, design Carlo Colombo; All Around daybed, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba; Fit small table, design Giancarlo Bosio & Centro Ricerche Giorgetti

5_Giorgetti_StoreMilano2019_023 RID

Apsara outdoor seating system, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

From object to project

In the spaces of the Giorgetti Store, a pure, rational  work  of  architecture  takes  center  stage to display new products in dialogue with the brand’s historic creations.
The private residence on Via Serbelloni that  hosts Giorgetti Atelier has been renovated to present the company’s lifestyle, featuring icons of the brand and new collections for 2020.

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