1. LEMA_news2020_Sesto_PieroLissoni RID

Sesto table, Ombra chair and armchair, design Piero Lissoni

2.LEMA_news2020_Venise_OscareGabrieleBuratti RID

Venise, design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

3.LEMA_news2020_Gullwing-Florens_OscareGabrieleBuratti_Lucylle_RobertoLazzeroni RID

Gullwing table and Florens sideboard, design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti; padded armchairs Lucylle - design Roberto Lazzeroni

4.LEMA_news2020_Ortis_GabrieleeOscarBuratti RID

Ortis, design Gabriele and Oscar Buratti

LEMA - VENISE - Gabriele e Oscar Buratti 32

Venise, design Gabriele e Oscar Buratti

The art of dialogue

At the showroom in Alzate Brianza and in the space in Milan, Lema presents new designs for 2020, chapters of a harmonious narrative: the Sesto table by Piero Lissoni; the seating collections Lucylle by Roberto Lazzeroni, Maddix by Dainelli Studio, Tarsia by Matteo Nunziati. These design signatures have already worked with the brand and are  joined by new entries: Gabriele & Oscar Buratti with the Venise and Yaki sofas, the Gullwing tables, the Florens sideboard, the Ortis coffee tables and the Aley ottomans. New dialogues between furniture, created to adapt to personal styles and homes.

The showroom in Alzate Brianza is visible by appointment:

Lema Showroom

SS Briantea 2
Alzate Brianza (CO)
Monday-Friday h. 10.00-12.00/15.00-17.00




Photo Gallery

Tuesday-Sunday h. 10.00-13.30/14.30-19.00 by appointment

T. 02 8414 7579