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Together for Milan

Milano Loves Italy is an initiative created by leading players in the world of fashion, which together with local institutions set out to bring new dynamism and energy to Milan, the epicenter of the fashion system from which to trigger the economic rebirth of the sector. An invitation  to all Italian entrepreneurs to join forces and concentrate them on the city that has always represented them, making it return to its status as an international reference point. The project makes its debut on 24 September during the Fashion Week featuring a series of events and installations organized by White and INTERNI to bring together several Italian brands and stores and enliven Milan. The project’s hashtags are #insiemesiamopiuforti and #iovadoamilano.

In collaboration with:
Magna Pars, via Tortona 15, 24/9-10/10
The Merchant of Venice, via Brera 4, 24/9-10/10
Biffi, corso Genova 6, 24/9-30/10
Incontri, via Belfiore 11, 24/9-8/10
BEL, corso Monforte 21, 24/9-10/10
DAAD, via Santo Spirito 24a, 24/9-3/10
Acca Kappa, via Brera 5, 24/9-5/10
Milaura, corso Garibaldi 20, 27/9-10/10

Labsolue Perfume Laboratory@Magna Pars, l’hotel à parfum
via Tortona 15, 24/9-10/10
Reservation required: – ph.+39  02 8338371


FROM 11:00
TO 13:00

Talk ‘Fashion meets Design’


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