Victoria Arduino

1_Victoria Arduino E1Prima_nero

E1Prima Nero

2_Victoria Arduino E1Prima_nerofrontale

E1Prima Nero

3_Victoria Arduino E1Prima_azzurro

E1Prima Azzurro

4_Victoria Arduino E1Prima_verde

E1Prima Verde

5_Victoria Arduino E1Prima_rosso

E1Prima Rosso

Quality Coffee & Design

Victoria Arduino, the historic Italian brand of espresso coffee machines, presents the new E1 Prima model in an installation created with a special version designed by architect Giulio Cappellini at INTERNI Meeting Point and Cappellini Showroom. With minimal, contemporary design, E1 Prima is a fully connected product, which for the first time offers the experience of high-quality coffee also in the home, enhancing the coffee ritual. And Cafezal Specialty Coffee offers a special coffe experience.


Other locations:

c/o Cappellini Showroom
28/9-10/10 Monday-Sunday h. 10.00-19.00

c/o Cafezal Specialty Coffee
28/9-10/10 Monday-Friday h. 8.00-18.00
Saturday h. 9.00-18.00 Sunday h. 10.00-17.00

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