B&BNoon4121Lowres_credit Matteo Imbriani

Noonu sofa, design Antonio Citterio, ph. Matteo Imbriani

Noonu showcase

B&B Italia chooses an unconventional and imaginative way to present Noonu, the new sofa by Antonio Citterio.
In the era of digital launches, the brand has set up a physical presentation, in a pop up space that becomes  a stage. The window of its historic Flagship Store in via Durini in Milan opens to reveal an active working   construction site. Inside, between the walls and rough floors, a real living room appears.
Piero Lissoni, Artistic Director of B&B Italia, explains the concept: “I wanted to combine two models of elegance: the elegance of Noonu, which as soon as you bring it back into its context, with lights and objects, speaks that language. But also that of a construction site that is a bit like a theatrical stage, and like every scenography it carries within itself the measure of elegance “.
A surprising and unusual installation, inaccessible but visible from the street only during the Milan Design Week, from 12 to 18 April.

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