Federica Marangoni

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1.Federica Marangoni Dettaglio opera ''ENIGMA'', Casetta in perspex nero lucido, all’interno specchi e luci LED azzurre,

Enigma, Federica Marangoni

2.Federica Marangoni L'ORO DELLA MENTE, libro in vetro soffiato e specchiato, 2019

Loro della mente, Federica Marangoni

3.Federica Marangoni Dettaglio opera ''LIGHT''

Light, Federica Marangoni

4. Federica Marangoni Installazione mostra Enigma , opere SMAL LIBRARY E ACQUA

Small Library and Libro Acqua, Federica Marangoni

5. Federica Marangoni

Leggere è un rischio, Federica Marangoni


Fifty years after her debut in the world of design and contemporary art, Federica Marangoni presents ENIGMA, the site-specific exhibition for the CEContemporary Gallery in Milan. Articulated around the concepts of motion-emotion-motivation, the exhibition takes inspiration from the main sources of the artist and designer’s imagination (memory, reality and gesture) and features the tools of her personal expression and research (transparency, movement and light) to tell myths, rites and poetry. Pioneer and experimenter, Federica Marangoni has the ability to monumentalize dreams and nightmares in sculptures of light, color, metal and glass, activating scenarios and emotional tension in the audience.


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Tuesday-Saturday h. 9.00-13.00/15.00-19.00
(until 5 June)

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