Frette 01 cover e gallery

Bold Duvet Cover & Sheet Set, Spring/Summer 2021

Frette 02 cover e gallery

Lido Beach Collection, Spring/Summer 2021, Frette

Frette 03 cover e gallery

Beyond the Bedroom Pieces, Spring/Summer 2021

Frette 04 cover e gallery

Unito Bath Collection, Spring/Summer 2021

Frette 05 cover e gallery

Frette: SS 2021 collection

Frette presents the Spring-Summer collection of impeccable home linens, elegant decorative accessories and loungewear, as well as the new Beach Capsule Lido, a line of terrycloth items for the seaside and outdoor spaces in the city. The iconic, timeless pieces, based on a long tradition that began in 1860, have been reinvented with vibrant seasonal colors like peach pink, saffron and navy blue, suggesting memories of the Italian summer, to bring freshness and refinement into every home.

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