1_ARGILLE_Fango 04_Rivestimento a Parete_HDsurface2

Argille, Wall coverings, color Fango 04

2_ARGILLE_Fango 04_Rivestimento a Parete_HDsurface1

Argille, Wall coverings, color Fango 04

4_ARGILLE_Fango 04_Rivestimento a Parete_HDsurface3

Argille, Wall coverings, color Fango 04

5_ARGILLE_Fango 04_Rivestimento a Parete_HDsurface4

Argille: the expressive force of material

A reference point for the creation of continuous facings in resin and cement, HDsurface confirms its green approach, experimenting with the essence of materials and expanding its range with the new Argille collection. A new, completely natural and breathable covering for walls, available in 24 colors, capable of setting the tone of any room through the expressive force of the material. The Argille collection is the protagonist of the new setup of the HDsurface showroom, designed by Marco Carini, art director of the company.

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