1 Superstudio

Thammada, Paola Navone

2 Superstudio

Grifo, design Elena Salmistraro, Altreforme

3 Superstudio

Untitled (Scars), by Laura de Santillana

4 Superstudio

Sfoglia, design Ilaria Marelli

5 Superstudio

Oak, design Adriana Lohman, Slide For Life

In the hands of women

Superstudio presents In the hands of women, a project about feminine talent  and  creativity  in  the  fields  of  art, design, architecture and crafts, composed of two complementary exhibitions: ‘The Flowers of Matter” curated by Gisella Borioli, with works by Isabella Angelantoni Geiger, Vera Belikova, Mavi Ferrando, Francesca Gasparotti, Adriana Lohmann, Ilaria Marelli, Paola Navone, Elena Salmistraro; and “Fragile Narcissus” curated by Sabino Maria Frassà and supported by Cramum. The program of encounters and debates “People and Stories” celebrates women and stimulates discussion on timely themes. With the support of the City of Milan.



Talk ‘People & Stories’


Talk ‘People & Stories’

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