A-FACT srl


Via Privata Meina 4
20125 MILANO
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We are architects, thinkers, engineers and designers. We believe that architecture shapes the future of our communities. We draw energy from contextual data to generate resilient ecosystems where people can live, work and thrive. We join forces with experts from diverse fields, to deliver sustainable projects for forward thinking clients.

Our culture pushes us to explore the concept of “factual sustainability” that – as Hans Rosling says in Factfulness – allows us to welcome complexity, warying of slogans and oversimplification of key sustainable-design concepts.

Collecting, processing and transforming contextual data into integrated architectural ideas means to design on a case-by-case basis, tackling environmental, economical and social challenges towards a more factual paradigm of circularity and a renewed harmony with nature.

We believe in data-supported beauty. Our approach acknowledges the importance of making informed decisions based on empirical information and critical creative thinking with the objective of shaping platforms for social interaction.

We do this exploring cutting-edge technologies, digital tools, construction techniques and materials, nurturing innovation. We do this promoting a deep dialogue with the soul of all our projects: people.

We talk to them, share ideas and learn from and with our team, our clients and our consultants. We do this conscious of our responsibility – as architects – to imagine and shape flexible cities, buildings and spaces able to house a thriving future and its possible evolutions.

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