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Via G. Puccini 32/2
t. 0431999893 | f. 0431974421

Airnova was founded in 1989 in Palmanova in Friuli, a land of work and dedication to quality and is committed to care, creativity and respect for time.

Airnova has been translating these values into a design that dresses the home by leveraging on the top expertise in the processing of the best Italian leathers and fabrics. Airnova believes in a design that starts from being in tune with contemporary times and developed through interpreting them and turning them into concepts, projects, and details.

Airnova believes in time as a measure of quality: the right time for a meaningul, excellent and personalized design, and the right time to make it real. Airnova believes in Italianness not as a label, but as a unique mix of creative intuition, tailoring and expertise that transform a home project into an Italian home.

Thanks to this formula, Airnova is successfully active in seventy-four countries in the home, contract and cruise market. Airnova’s creations bear the signature of international designers. Since 2016, the creative director is Gian Paolo Venier.

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