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Via Mazzini 73/75
t. 0571586881

The antoniolupi story begins in 1950 in Fucecchio, a town in the province of Florence, with a small workshop specialized in processing glass for furnishings that only 10 years later, thanks to the foresight of the founder Antonio Lupi, Becomes an industrial reality. From the beginning, the company Cristal Lupi Luxor, dedicates their work to bathroom accessories, distinguished for craftmanship, attention to detail, a tailored production and precision in order processing.

In the second half of the 80s, the second generation begin working in the company, and a great leap towards design takes place with innovative collections and iconic objects. A further fundamental change occurs in the early 2000s when the company begins collaborating with designers and architects. Since 2010, the antoniolupi production begins to embrace the entire living space of the bathroom as well as other rooms of the house. The products, increasingly in demand, lead to the opening of single-brand showrooms in the world, starting with that of Milan.

Today antoniolupi is the symbol of a precise style, elegant in its minimalism, essential in its technological perfection. An identity of colors, textures and finishes, full of iconic and functional objects, many of which are absorbed by the walls or ceiling to allow for more space and, once again, the maximum personalization of the place. Formal rigor and contemporary image: a snapshot of a company 100% made in Italy that produces to order and has no warehouse stock.

Flagship Store

Piazza Lega Lombarda ang. Porta Tenaglia
20121 MILANO
t. 0263470619 | f. 0263118154

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