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Via Biancon 34
t. 3489986938

Aretai is an international multidisciplinary collective founded in 2016 with the ambition to evolve the traditional concept of the design atelier. It brings together architects, designers and graphic designers, united by shared values, guided by a common method of collaboration and connected virtually through the most advanced digital technologies and smart working systems. The studio, conceived as a diffuse entity, unites two complementary souls: Aretai Architecture, specialising in architectural and interior design, and Aretai Companies, offering a wide range of creative services for furniture and design companies, such as art direction, graphics and product design.

The name ‘Aretai’ comes from ancient Greek and is commonly translated as virtue, meaning the ability of a human being to express the noblest and highest version of himself. The name was carefully chosen because it best reflects the collective’s philosophy.

Aretai’s distinguishing feature does not lie in a recognisable style or formal attitude, but in a systematic approach to design, based on service orientation and the constant search for value for the customer to ensure reliability, availability and transparency.

Ideas do not take shape with a pencil, but with an eraser. Before adding, the existing is carefully analysed and we begin to subtract, questioning everything in order to recognise the essence of things and simplify. The aim of the work is to eliminate complications, the superfluous and false needs, in order to grasp the essence, the real. On this basis, the collective designs with clarity of purpose, to achieve meaningful, quality design.

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