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Via Casut 103
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Arrital has accompanied generations for more than 40 years in the most beloved place in the home: the kitchen, habitat of relationships and emotions.

Founded in 1979 in Fontanafredda (Pordenone), the company has evolved over the years with new ideas of design and style, responding to market developments through significant investments in technology, human resources, modernization of production plants and the industrialization of the product. Today, the brand is present in more than 30 countries around the world, it has a logistics and production plant of 58,000 square meters and a network of more than 200 employees.

Arrital’s design stands out for its aesthetic research, technological innovation and high manufacturing quality. All products are the result of a continuous and careful study of excellence and a constant update on cultural and generational trends. The sartorial approach achieves the most sophisticated areas of taste by offering a wide design vocabulary and a variety of materials and finishes.

The company recently received the Good Design® Award 2021, a prestigious international recognition, awarded to the Ak_07 kitchen system (designed by architect Franco Driusso) for the Product Design Office and Residential Furniture category.

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