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1 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
2 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
3 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
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Via G. Fava 56
28024 GOZZANO (NO)
t. 03229545

Ezio Cristina founded Cristina Rubinetterie in Gozzano, in 1949. At the end of the 1980s, the acquisition of Silfra takes place, a company specialised in the production of soil pipes, electronic and time-controlled taps and fittings. With this operation, Cristina Rubinetterie moved onto an industrial dimension, strengthened in June 2017, when the brand became part of the Caleffi Group, leader in the manufacture of heating, air conditioning, plumbing and drainage parts. An operation that intended guaranteeing the continuity of the brand and its growth at an international level. Besides, the proprietary showroom was inaugurated in Milan in 2017, with the aim of implementing the dialogue with designers and architects, with business and design meetings, but also to propose events and strengthen the company’s image.

In 2020, Cristina Rubinetterie renews its strategy to determine the company’s path in the near future, oriented to design, the relationship with the project and the hotel sector. In addition to a wide and diversified range of products in its catalogue, the company confirms the development of tailor-made solutions (in terms of dimensions, finishes and types of use) to meet design requirements. The range, intended for bathrooms, kitchens, wellness and outdoor, is designed to be functional, durable and aesthetically in line with contemporary interior design projects.



Via Pontaccio 8/10
20121 MILANO
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