1 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
2 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
3 - Headquarter - Via Fava,56 Gozzano
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Via G. Fava 56
28024 GOZZANO (NO)
t. 03229545

Founded in 1949, Cristina has gone through 75 years of Italian history capitalizing on the values of production capacity, tradition and credibility. It has intercepted the trends of innovation and internationalization and has positioned itself among the leading brands in the taps sector. The company is currently distributed in over 60 countries with a predominance in Europe. In fact, over 60% of its turnover comes from exports.

The synergy with Silfra Bathroom Tech (1987) – one of the most established companies in the sanitary technical sector – and the entry into the Caleffi group (2017) have accompanied and supported the constant process of growth, evolution and development of Cristina towards an increasingly sustainable. Also in 2017, the proprietary showroom was inaugurated in Milan, in the Brera district, with the aim of implementing dialogue with designers and architects, proposing events and strengthening the company image.

The rebranding phase (started in 2020) renews the strategy to determine the company’s path in the near future, oriented towards design, the launch of new lines, great attention to sustainability and production methods with less impact on the environment. The following year “From Yellow to.. Green!” was born! a claim that wants to convey Cristina Rubinetterie’s commitment to becoming an increasingly green reality.

Also important are the changes in terms of logistics, synergy and new organizational systems such as in 2022 the aggregation of the assembly and shipping units of Cristina and Silfra brand products in a single location (Fontaneto d’Agogna).

The Cristina Brera showroom as a design scenario (2023): Elisa Ossino was in charge of the interior design of the space; the Milanese flagship store offers an experiential approach given primarily by the visitor’s interaction with functioning elements.

In 2024, Cristina Rubinetterie announces the launch of the new galvanic line. This innovative plant represents a step forward both in product quality and in respect for the environment. In just a few years Cristina Rubinetterie has moved from storytelling to very concrete storydoing by implementing a strategy of optimization and innovation.



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