Esse E Bi and its entire technical staff of experienced professionals, both internal and external collaborators, provide services that embrace the entire panorama of the building process, both national and international.

The design activities of Esse E Bi extend to all types of intervention, according to the client’s particular needs: interior design, restyling and design oriented to the recovery of the building heritage for various new functions, receptive, residential, tertiary, commercial, health sports, as well as new civil and industrial constructions.

Esse E Bi also carries out studies aimed at the energy, thermal and acoustic upgrading of building envelopes that, due to various characteristics, do not currently meet the requirements of stringent eco-sustainability-oriented legislation.

Particular attention is paid to activities related to real estate management and, specifically, to improving the efficiency of buildings. Esse E Bi deals with designing buildings according to the rules of bio-architecture and green building, through research and the application of natural materials without synthetic products and compatible technologies, as well as the application of renewable energy, both for electrical and mechanical energy.

Esse e Bi studio, which has always been particularly sensitive to issues related to man and the environment around him, works in the field of design so that its works are spokesmen for ecology, sustainability and the beauty of architecture. Esse e Bi studio today is a partner and supporter of the Istituto Uomo e Ambiente, a school of thought on ecology founded and directed by Architect Maurizio Spada.

The professional philosophy is to become true partners of our clients and not mere suppliers, convinced that the synergetic aspect of collaboration can make us grow together and project us towards the best results.

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