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20123 MILANO
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After completing his studies and engaging in a prolific career as a publicist and essayist for specialized magazines and numerous books, including Parola di Designer in 1994; he founded the Paolo Frello & Partners studio in Milan in 1996. Specializing in interior architecture, communication, and design, he garnered recognition with honorable mentions at the World Design Tokyo, the Waterlily Award in Cologne, and the Office Design Competition in Milan. His innovative work earned him a selection for the Compasso d’Oro, specifically for objects crafted with a new type of ecological paper.

He collaborated with an American studio on the design for the Orlando Magic headquarters in Florida and in Italy the interiors of the San Remo Golf Club House.

In the tertiary and exhibition field, the special floors of the Allianz Tower in Milan, the Piacenza Cashmere and Mediterranea Cosmetics stores, the Set-ups for The Art Of Miles Davis exhibition at Umbria Jazz and the exhibition dedicated to the great photographer Douglas Kirkland. He designed the graphics for the box sets of Franco Battiato’s album “L’imboscata,” two editions of Snoopy’s Diary and is designer of the Ogami Stationery Collection.

In the residential field: the design of a large villa in the hills of West Hollywood, the Italian residence of Oscar-winning actress Whoopi Goldberg, and the villa of Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve in Italy is in the design phase. He is currently designing the two-story interior of the Torre Velasca, the new headquarters of the Community-Excellera company, and the expansion of a microchip company in Lucca.

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